The pyramids of Bosnia, the great controversy

18 Aug

Pyramid Bosnia controversial In the depths of Bosnia, in the small town  about 15 kilometers northwest of Sarajevo, is the largest pyramid in the world and oldest. Although the ancient pyramids are not entirely unknown in Europe, like France that are the remains of a small pyramid and also can also find two in Greece and one in Italy. But the difference is that it is a pyramid 12,000 years old and 220 feet high compared to the Great Pyramid of Egypt more than 6,000 years old and 147 feet high. But who could build the pyramids in Europe? … If these pyramids were officially cataloged have to rewrite history.

 The pyramid rose to world stage in October 2005, when Semi, a Bosnian who lives in the United States and owned a metallurgy company, announced its discovery. The mountain, called is located at the southern end of and although it is completely covered with trees and other plants, is actually very pyramid. Noting the structure can be seen that the two sides are surprisingly flat, and with a well-defined border between them. These two sides seem to have an almost square basis. The sides face almost exactly north and east. In addition to this main pyramid are other around.

Semis 199×300  Bosnia, la Hill call the Pyramid of the Sun and the two nearby hills, identified from aerial and satellite photographs, the Pyramid of the Moon and the Pyramid of the Dragon. Another two, one called the “Pyramid The Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun has, according to the Institute of Geodesy of Bosnia, more accurate orientation towards cosmic north with an error

said they were built by the ancient inhabitants ancient inhabitants of what is now known as Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania between 12,000 BC to 500 BC In addition also discovered building blocks of rectangular concrete hardness extreme low water absorption according to scientific institutions in Bosnia, Italy and France, is far superior to modern building materials, plus an underground tunnel with a large network of cameras that spans over ten kilometers. believes his discoveries around will have major implications for the history and may be the mother of of sacred geometry and study of messages left on the pyramid for future generations . is an advocate of the theory that the Earth receives cosmic energy from the center of the galaxy and the pyramids are large containers energy.

A team of physicists detected an energy beam that goes across the top of the pyramid of the sun. The radius of 4.5 meters with a increases as the pyramid is separated. This phenomenon contradicts the known laws of physics and technology, although this is difficult because science is not a religion. This would be proof that the pyramid builders created the “energy machine”. We must remember that in 2009 captured an image of a light beam in the Mayan pyramid of can, though of course an expert in photography discredited NASA saying the flash of light caused the camera’s sensor to behave ,at that moment and in the same place so unusual.

According to experts in prehistory of Greece and the Balkans claim covered in the last ice age, a period of very cold and dry climate with glaciers in some of the mountain ranges. The only inhabitants were Paleolithic hunters and gatherers. These civilizations did not have the tools or skills to make the construction of such monumental architecture. In the latest research on the excavations, geologists, archaeologists and other scientists have concluded that they are natural formations and that there are no signs that have been made by humans. Although this is nothing new, since science is considered by some as a religion and scientists considered Gods and the fact that there appeared a new discovery that would require rewriting history also makes one wonder if they are as many sometimes hide the truth. The reality is that if you really find something for humanity about these pyramids, be responsible to discredit his theories and reality.

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