The historian has starved of end of the world

24 Aug

World endEnd of the world, it seems, will not take place. Referring to the prophecy of Grigory Rasputin, many publications to spread the message that it is today a terrible storm broke out and the fire consume all alive belongings. But historians rush to dispel the myth.

Solar flares do occur because of the change of the magnetic poles. But the data confirming the prediction is Rasputin, the documents were found.

Historian Konstantin Anglin with pleasure drives through the city tour titled Mysterious Petersburg and published a book about Rasputin. But in this case it is absolutely certain that the legend is baseless. Although this man really had the gift of foresight. He even prescribes predictions about the Second World War, and Gagarin’s flight into space.

Constantine Anglin, historian: Such predictions he did not have. This falsification of one embodiment of the diaries of Anne yrubova. In my opinion, this is wickedness, just wishful thinking. He predicted that will stand after him and six months. These predictions have come true. Three months after his death, in fact was transformed.

What the experts say with confidence, so that’s about originality of Gregory Rasputin. It is, for example, prompted Nicholas II did not start World War. Mystics attributed to the elder predictions about genetic cloning and leak of radioactive water at the Fukushima.

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