Scientists say that telepathy between couples is real

Scientists say Scientific s airman queue la  enter pare as as real scientific airman queue la telepathic enter areas as real It all started when Julie met Mark is at a conference and agreed to participate in an experimentation on telepathy. Julie did not answer right away because of the strong connections she had felt for him, unknown and different countries. Now nuptial, Julie explains: “It was like we were connected, had not felt anything like Notice Sciences Institute, have printed a book entitled “The psychic intimacy: A Handbook between couples.

 It is a fact that the field of parapsychology is not recognized by scientists. They are known as a trimming group and placed together with all issues related to the occult. People are surprised that Julie Beastie is a scientist with a Ph.D. in pharmacology and toxicology, as well as science author. But people like Radon Bushel or have the confidence to respond to one of the greatest mystery of mankind: extrasensory perception is real?

To answer this question, Radon explains the case of Hans Berger, the father of the electroencephalogram in 1924, he fell while riding a horse and was nearly run over by a group of horses on a highway. His sister, many miles away, sensed the danger and insisted that his father sent a telegram to figure out what be going on. The framework will experience life-changing both their studies in hopes of discover the source of the psychic energy. Almost 100 years later, the explanation is still a mystery, but after 200 experiments reported reveals mental relatives that go far beyond comprehension. But even with evidence, science does not recognize this phenomenon. Many skeptics have changed their thinking after bearing in mind the evidence.

 Scientific research

Radon The study, available in 2008, showed that the connection between loved ones can activate the nervous system of the recipient. The Rupert  studied British expert telephone telepathy; emotional closeness has proven to be a stronger predictor than physical closeness itself. The participant were a group of four friends with whom they had to communicate by phone, and when the phone rang, the recipient had to guess who it was. Since the experiments were made at a aloofness from the subjects thus eliminating the forces that could be involved such as electromagnetism or gravity.

Conation telepathic enter lamas gamelans Los Scientifics airman queue la telepathic enter areas es real There is controversy about telepathy where skeptics ignore evidence, and when you can not ignore or can not be denied, try to suppress it. Scientists, with the rise of quantum biology can begin to provide an explanation for the correlation between people who are physically estranged. According to some scientists, telepathy is seen as a quantum embarrassing situation, in other words, when things are correlated at a distance without energy transferred between two points. Expert’s parapsychologists, claim that there is an explanation of how it happen, but say that at least is no longer seen as impracticable.

 Many others go far beyond research and claim that telepathy between partners is only possible if you try to Soul Mates. One case was Paula who claims that at the same time and often shares exactly the same consideration or idea with her husband. She gives an example of this: they were deciding whether to change jobs and that would lead to a change of life. She spent a restless nighttime for the result. When her husband was overseas on business phone him and said:

 Do not worry, trust me, we have to do this. Everything will be fine. I have a strong feeling that all will be well.

Just before she was about to dial the number from her husband and was going to say exactly the same. Paula describe his telepathy with her husband as strange and ago there was a strange sense of accomplishment and unity. Telepathy between related parties is very different from being in tune with someone and anticipates their thoughts or feelings. Many couples, if you live together for a long period of time, begin to reflect the thoughts of the other. But with a soul mate be more than that, much more and could even be described as telepathic. Telepathy in pair goes far beyond sharing tastes, the same music, poetry, painting or the same colors.

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