Scientists say it is possible to predict the future

Scientists sayScientists airman queue possible producer future e1352040622698 300×214 Scientists airman queen possible reducer  future Have you ever had any feeling about something is about to happen? Now, some scientists claim they can predict the future. The technical team responsible for the investigation and said at the time that our unconscious mind knows more than our conscious mind. However, there are still many unanswered question.

 Predict the butut, a natural fact

Julia Moss Bridge, of Northwestern University in Illinois, Patricio Threshold,University of Padua,Italy, and Jessica Butts,University of California, analyzed the results of 26 studies published between 1978 and 2010 to investigate whether human beings have the capacity important to foresee outlook events. An example is that a person plays a video game at work with earpiece can not hear when your boss is coming, but the subject may be able to look forward to.

 Our analysis suggest that if you were in tune with your body, a person might be able to detect these anticipatory made sandwiched between 2 and 10 seconds before, and to shut down the game. Even have enough time to open a database which would he was implementation. All this earlier than your boss entered the room, said Dr. Moss bridge, lead study author and research relate in Northwestern.

 This fact is called feeling, a form of “feeling the future. However, despite what it’s sure that all people have this power. Dr. Moss Bridge continued:

 I like to call this experience anomalous anticipatory activity. Some scientists argue that the phenomenon is not normal, because we can not currently explain using the current understanding of how biology, even though recent explanations of quantum biological result could potentially construct sense. Dr. Moss Bridge maintains that the future can predict physiological changes in response to a central event. Change may occur in cardiopulmonary systems, skin or nervous system. Prerecord el futtock un phenomenon natural e1352041043656 scientists airman queen is possible prerecord el future

 The subjects, during the tests showed significant changes in brain waves and cardiovascular and electrical measurements on the skin, 10 seconds before experiencing randomly chosen stimuli. This suggests that subjects somehow anticipated what was about to see, something that would cause a sensory response. Data analyzes were the odds that their findings are the result of chance or fluke are between 400 billion to one. According to Dr. Moss Bridge, anomalous anticipatory activity is quite real, and the result should be the same in several independent laboratories. It also maintains that the cause of this anticipatory activity is within the scope of natural physical processes, which does not consider it a supernatural phenomenon.

 Although the scientists the public has taken a step forward in the understanding of these phenomenons, there is still some way to go. Who know if in 200 years the scientists community and is able to answer many of the questions that remain to be bare.

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