Scientists have established that global warming to blame earthquake

Natural WarmingA strong earthquake that occurred in 1945 in the northern part of the Arabian Sea, the atmosphere was thrown more than seven million cubic meters of methane.

The discovery suggests that there are natural sources of greenhouse gases that were not previously considered by scientists in the projections. As the greenhouse gas methane is 20 times stronger than carbon dioxide, but its content is significantly lower than in the atmosphere. Huge amounts of methane locked in ice structure called gas hydrates. Methane deposits are located in the permafrost in Siberia and Alaska, as well as on the sea floor, from a depth of 500 meters.

According to experts, are locked in the ice from 1000 to 5000 gigatons of carbon. This figure is more than the total amount of gas produced during combustion of annual volumes of fossil fuels.

Analysis of sediments taken in the northern part of theArabian Seain 2007, the year found the chemical characteristics of large-scale methane release. Search for historical records showed that in 1945 close to an earthquake measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale.

“On the basis of several indicators, we assumed that the earthquake has led to cracking and sediment discharge of the gas was under them,” – said lead scientist Dr. David Fisher of theUniversityofBremeninGermany.

A conservative estimate shows that approximately 7.4 million cubic meters of methane were released into the atmosphere.

Area there are places that are more affected by the earthquake,” – he added in an interview with Mail Online.

Methane hydrate is called a “water fuel”, which is considered as a promising source of energy. This year, the Japanese corporation of oil, gas and metals for the first time been able to produce gas from the seabed. However, production of methane from hydrates expensive and risky. Hydrates help stabilize the bottom of the ocean, and it is likely that their development can cause landslides and tsunamis.

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