Scientists have establish a new way to communicate with Space Objects

24 Aug

NASA will start on a new scientific device to orbit the moon for the study of dust on its surface. NASA scientists complete the final preparations for the launch of a new research unit LADEE, which is to be launched on September 6 from the launch site at Wallops Island,Virginia, according to the website of NASA.

The findings of the study data will help to take another step in the study of the evolution of the Solar System. Astronomers will be able to learn more about the large asteroids and moons of planets. This convinced John Grunsfeld, NASA’s associate director of Scientific Affairs.

In upcoming research expedition many new features. First, the spacecraft will be launched by the new media, Minotaur-5, the creation of which used heavy ballistic missile MX Peacekeeper.

Second, the scientists first test the laser communication system: the information that the machine receives through its instruments will be transmitted to Earth through a laser beam. Finally, the launch site atWallopsIslandwill be the first time NASA has used to run the unit outside near Earth space. LADEE – this is the first spacecraft, which was designed, built and tested by NASA research centerAmesduringMoffett Field,USACalifornia.

LADEE journey to the moon will last 30 days. In this first observatory will fly twice the Earth in an elliptical orbit, gradually approaching the goal. Until about a month needed to stabilize the unit on the lunar orbit and the installation of laser communication with him. If all goes according to plan, in early November apparatus of

Snaschenny neutron and ultraviolet spectrometers will transmit the first information about the composition of the atmosphere of the Earth’s natural satellite and the presence in it of lunar dust, formed as a result of falling asteroids.

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