New type of avian influenza virus during a pandemic could kill many people

influenza virusHuman population virtually no antibodies against H7 sub type of influenza virus. Virus called H7N7 was detected in chickens in China, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. A team of researchers from Hong Kong has found the virus in 25% of samples taken from the birds, many of which also had the virus H7N9.

Testing the H7N7 strain of the virus in ferrets, the researchers found that it can be transmitted to mammals. If that H7N7 will continue to circulate in the chick, I’m sure that human cases of infection occur, – told AFP co-author Yi Guan of the University of Hong Kong. This virus can cause a more severe infection than … H7N9, based on the experiments on animals. ┬ástrain H7N7, seems to have developed along with the H7N9, which has killed more than 44 of the 130 people infected in China.

We think it is very dangerous for the people – said Guan. Our entire human population has almost no antibodies against H7 subtype of influenza virus. Thus, if he pandemic, many people will die. Scientists believe that we need a better system monitoring dangerous viruses such as H7N9, which can still occur. It’s very sptsifichny flu ecosystems in other countries.

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