Pederast Vivienne’s en California e1336840341715 300×199 Pederast Vivienne’s en California One of the most interesting mysteries of history is happening at Racetrack Play a positioned i  Death Valley California,USA the rocks are in place slide alone several miles away. The rocks leave behind them a long trail; some of these stones weigh more than 100 kg. It is a fact that occurs more than 50 existences ago without methodical illumination.

No one knows exactly how these rocks move, although there are many theories, but they are just theories. Although many citizens have claimed to see the stones levitate several inches off the ground, their movement remains a mystery. They can move at the speed of a person, move corresponding people have commented even see the shingle as if they have their have possession of life.

 Pederast en differences directions e1336840475258 300×249 Pederast Vivienne’s en California

 Racetrack Play a is a long stretch muddy absolutely flat and dry. It is about 4 miles long and 2 miles wide. The surface is sheltered with mud cracks, and the pellet was composed primarily of only a hardly any centimeters per year, but when it rains, it gets created a shallow lake and spacious. When soaking, the surface becomes a very squashy mud and very oily.

 He smooth said that the movement of rocks could be causing the people or even animals, but the lack of liquid mud that eliminates the possibility of a human or animal push the rocks.

The favorite theory of NASA, although they have not been proven, would by prevailing winds blowing from southwest to northeast. Most rock trails are parallel in that direction apparently is evidence that wind is the main driving force of the movement of rocks. That would be explained in one of the rocks, but there are others that can weigh more than 200kg and although the area is dominated by a strong wind is not strong enough to move a rock so heavy. In 1995 John Reid, a professor at Hampshire College, Massachusetts, United States, determined that it would take about 400 km winds to move the rocks, some winds ever have originate on the planet.

There are reports of people at certain times of the day observed as appears thin ice. Some researchers proposed the theory that the rocks could carry water, which in conjunction with the strong wind created a layer of thin ice with mud, could create the mysterious movement of rock so heavy. It must be noted that this theory has not been tested and are pouring more questions than answers.

The energy of the planet at that summit would be a different of the theories that researchers have proposed. Because few studies conduct by NASA in conjunction with several university in the unified States, have been reported in recent years be increase vigor at that point, it could be that some were moving energy observable fact Rocks site.

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