Humans and dinosaurs

03 Aug

dinosaursScientists have found evidence that the ancient people, in spite of all reasonable explanations caught living dinosaurs. In the south-east of the state of Utah, in the United States, in the mountains of Kachina Bridge was discovered cave with interesting fragments of rock art. Scientists are at a loss, as the ancient people who knew nothing about the existence of dinosaurs, was able to portray them in the rock paintings on the rock formations Kachina Bridge  in the U.S.

Many of the investigators are confident that in the state of Utah is drawn plant-eating dinosaur, and is likely to Diplodocus. Among the petroglyphs American states of Colorado, Utah and New Mexico, left by ancient people, there are deer and many other animals. However, the picture that the reader sees in the picture is one of the few images of more than prehistoric animals.

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