Federal Archives of Germany found a tutorial for brides Nazis

14 Aug

Three-quarters of a century later, the world saw the true ideals of the Third Reich’s family a set of rules prospective brides of SS officers. The wives of the Nazis had to be not only a purebred German woman, but also taught manners and impeccable housekeeping. Only if they were given the coveted wedding certificates.

Schools brides where the girls take the course of his young wife, Gertrud Scholtz-headed Klink – the ideological leader of the Nazi brides, head of the National Socialist Women’s Organization and the main female Third Reich. Obsessed with the idea of the global superiority of the Aryan race, odious Reichsfuhrer-SS Heinrich Himmler in 1936 signed a decree on the establishment of special training for girls who want to become the wives of officials Wehrmacht. The first school was opened on the island Schwanenwerder on Lake Wannsee near Berlin. For the implementation of the project was invited Gertrud Scholtz-Klink. She got down to business with her usual zeal, as appropriate for the case to continue a noble German family bride’s perceived as a machine for the reproduction and maintenance of race.

To get to school, the girls did not have to be Jewish or Gypsy blood, and the disease- chronic, terminal illness, physical injury or mental disorders. In the schools themselves brides were 6-week course, during which trained not only to the art of home design, cooking and sewing, but also the basics of genetics and the theory of races. In addition, brides taught social skills, the ability to properly talk, small talk. The duties of the wives of SS officers were: washing and ironing, sewing, cooking, ability to furnish and decorate the house, to speak properly, care and education of children in the worship of the Fuhrer rather than God or Jesus Christ, and of course, the steady adherence to the party line and devotion Hitler, Himmler and the Nazis to the grave. At the end of the course, subject to the assimilation of knowledge, were given certificates entitling them to get married – but not in the church, as was the custom in the old Germany, and surrounded by members of the Wehrmacht, and in front of this altar, decorated with Nazi symbols. Certificates were also found in the Federal Archives, along with the textbook for future Frau.

The idea of schools brides flourished according to intelligence reports, Himmler himself could often be seen on the fence or in the garden, peeping over the dancing school pupils but until a certain time. When due to prolonged war and fierce fighting on the fronts of the country into disarray men Gertrud Scholtz-Klink started looking for a new ideal of women – no housewife and mother, and toiler and military girlfriend.

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