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28 Jul

World usReality is always more difficult, thorny and requires reflection, study and think beyond the box.   We vzrasleem on actual knowledge of life and not on belief in something beyond. Let’s start with a simple.. What we know about ourselves.. About our origins? What lies behind the mystery of Adam and Eve?

They Mars (Adam) and Earth (Eva) Phobos / Faeton / serpent tempter was Nibiru, his Adam’s apple, golden sphere, built to shift the Annunaki Nibiru from the PA system (solar system). Accordingly biblical characters Adam, Eve, the Serpent tempter is happening miniatures in our solar system like comparison.

The origin of mankind: the result of Medicine aliens Annunaki, Sirius, Pleiadians, Lyra, skin and flesh are created in the image and likeness of civilization Pleiadians but nonetheless the spirit and the soul (the Holy Spirit) from the Mother   and our Father, organs and systems are located in the image and likeness of God (the image and likeness of the solar system) recall in brief: Sun-head, the heart of the Earth-Jupiter-gastro-intestinal tract, respiratory tract, Saturn, Mercury, the solar plexus, venus -liver pochki-Neptun/Uran, Pluto, spleen, pancreas, Mars and rectum, Nibiru. The purpose of creation, as an evolving civilization of intelligent, able to establish a balance in nature.

On his favorite subject esoteric: Magic / energy so … can you beat me with stones, but .. you have to disappoint no one to rescue you will not and we nafig nobody gave up power is the result of the pineal gland, it is the pineal gland located between the hemispheres in the occipital region … was blocked by many factors, with the goal of removing abilities, such as the Egyptian pyramids (Sirians built them), they also have energokompyutery Earth, some of the sesamoid bones and the circulatory system.

Your meditation does not actually give more than the restoration of the body, their mechanism is based on a certain correction of the nervous system in such a way that it is pulsed ustakanivaetsya body fluids and cells, sometimes it leads to self-healing.

Therefore, we can conclude that we are not magicians, we can not own abilities and energy with all its possibilities exist but obviously does not look as stupid as you are presented with all sorts of crazy authors of books and other paper, Godea to wipe or a fire.

Now let us return to the digression of history … What do we know about Jesus? Who he is, what he lives what breathes really??

None of you compared the words Jesus and Sirius .. tune .. is not it? Coincidence?

No … Jesus Christ is encrypted as Sirius Guardian, he is the God Osiris … of course the alien radivshiysya man through Mary, who actually came to us in order to provide choice and the right choice to show and give the foundation of civilization …

Religion blatantly lied .. he is not a god and he died for us, it is simply removed from the fact that he felt as if zombiruet people and for the impact on politicians and religion. Wherefore putting away the right but pardoned Barabbas we get a hell. (This is just the beginning.)

Now about religion as an example of Christianity … Now   reveal to you the secrets of their miraculous healings and other things:

As you know, we believe as we want but we do not know anything about it, even now the bible is not accurate, it was rewritten several times and there’s a lot paraphrased and that is the distortion

Example paraphrase: Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, not oydete to Heaven  (c) Jesus, in fact, it means-and who are you to consider yourself an adult.

An example of distortion: Jesus said that he was from Sirius, so why is it hidden, dove at the baptism of the same Bible vymysel.V a hint of truth, but nevertheless it is hidden even from this itochnika directly.

The lie that the church is God’s house … in fact it energokollektor made so that the congregation gave their energy there (any) with associated icons mirotochenie-latency high concentration of energy on the icon causes the oil leak, which it is written … example, weeping Virgin .

Miraculous healing of a man praying at times unwittingly falls into a meditative trance, and then the above me about meditation.

Therefore, going back to talking about the abilities of mantras and prayers are largely the same and no Miracle-working do not carry, yet Jesus does not hear them. But as his paradise, and his hell each co-create for himself   and it is not what scare us priests who by the way have been the Pharisees of the Bible and they were but in a different form, as long as we served them and were like sheep. Whoever doubts this, look more closely what is happening in the religions and what they are doing behind the backs of the people. By the way… think about why they teach everything except for the testimony of John the judgment and the change of age.

As for life after death we have to understand one thing: There is no heaven or hell … Kogdamy die physically, we find ourselves in a world of energy, where the laws of nature of our planet but is modified, there is no cold, heat, physics, and even time, there spirit and soul exist only together as one body and stays until  get new body, is any man.. even though the animal from time to time .. Death itself is a rare phenomenon that can be caused by such things such as the cycle of the galaxy, the destruction of the planet or its other mechanisms as the weakening of gravity for example.

Let me remind you of God the Father.. his name is Ra-creature living in the sun, all the controls or work at least most of the processes in the solar system … we really die .. our soul returns to star as it is a piece of Ra (the holy spirit on religion unless) and not your real parents physical family and civilization, for we are all children of the planet Earth and Ra, which is why Jesus said, * I * the son of God, because the aliens true civilization develop and live as one big organism with a bunch of features and capabilities. Just GOD if you break it turns proximity lighting giant star, and true worship he did not bang his head against the floor and praying, and when we protect his work and live in balance with nature and civilization.

From the above it can be concluded that all these our teachings about heaven … all depends on the laws of space and planets and life … As long as we fail to grasp the basics, no road space and can not be, there is much more complex, rigid,   diversity is much more than a planetary …

Now, finally, quite a bit of space and surface … What do we know about him? Why in the scriptures do not give it a value? Always wondered about that.

I’ll start with the fact that everything is interconnected in space if you start ascending chain is as follows: the nature of the planet-star-clusters of stars, interstellar space-Constellation-coming energy (for example, comet, meteor no fragmentation of origin wings of the galaxy center of the galaxy-intergalactic space, clusters of galaxies, the energy space. Each sun as well as the planet has in its structure, magnetic fields as external and internal, which allows them to make movement   affect and interact with each other.

Space   includes as a basis * energy *-space referred to above, which is food for the creatures living in the sun   and a host of other energy neschislimoe designed for specific functions, forget about the nonsense of the universe, the big bang … that there is a maximum neschislimoe many galaxies interacting, be sure to have a cycle.

About the cycle of the galaxy is uniform cycles of contraction and expansion of galaxies, acting on the principle of the human heart (reduction / enlargement). Are the most dangerous because its tsntre each galaxy has a huge star, consisting of antimatter and all who did not create the conditions for survival during a cycle-die.

It is necessary to take into account that there are cycles of artificial-estesstvenno created for the solar system, give an example, the passage of Nibiru through the solar system, the effects-destruction update.

From the above we can conclude that we are the only microbes order in which we live and interact with what should be in one piece, protect and appreciate what we have, start small to achieve more and go further. No need to believe religions, fools, writing esoteric that only intoxicate us a brain for weight differences.

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