UFO in California

UFOIn California in the photo accidentally captured a UFO. That’s what the witness says: My friends and I were on an excursion to the popular route in Auburn,California, we decided to stop and rest for about a mile down the trail where there is a rock that protrudes from the mountainside and is ideal for photos and provides a great panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.

We all took turns doing handstands on this cliff and took pictures. After viewing the photos, one of them was found incomprehensible object in the sky. Diamond-shaped object with two narrow pins protruding from the bottom and it has a metallic appearance because of the reflection of the sun on his body. We viewed photos taken as soon as they were made and when they saw this object began to look at the sky in his quest, but to the surprise of no objects in the sky, we have not found. It turns out that he accidentally hit only 1 frame shooting. 

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