Tyumen found an ancient treasure coins with Arabic

29 Jul

Western Siberia has not previously encountered, experts say. Two kilograms of silver jewelry and coins were found during the practice of first-year students at the excavation near Tyumen, in the district of St. Andrew the lake. Among the artifacts – Arab coins X-XI centuries. According to the candidate of historical sciences Alexey Gordienko, head of the excavation, these coins are found in Western Siberia for the first time. Curiously, during excavations by archaeologists used an interactive map of the Urals Federal District.

The real miracle of Tyumen archaeologists waited at the depth of the ancient moat. In the copper cauldron, this in itself is an unprecedented historical value lay jewelry that belonged probably to one of the richest genera Mansi. Treasures dated 10-12 centuries.

 The biggest and most valuable jewels – it hryvnia, which produced in the Volga Bulgar and Eastern Europe. Hryvnia were there, in those territories, decorations here could be used as a trade and the exchange of equivalents. The most valuable findings in scientific terms – fragments of Arab dirhams, that is, they are fragments of a silver coin. They fall into the territory of Eurasia as exchange of equivalents. They are represented by fragments. Coins are separated and used as the same date. In Western Siberia, coins are a very rare find, there are more coins in Tomsk, but they are more recent, well, all coins have not been before,- says archaeologist from Siberia Alexey Gordienko.

Scientists believe that the majority of all jewelry was made in the legendary Volga Bulgar. But in the boiler were also Arab and coins, which suggests that the found wealth going on for several centuries, and belonged to a noble family. This treasure, which is likely to have belonged to some captain of the land was also buried, possibly during the Tatar-Mongol invasion.

Another important discovery made the archaeologists, very close to this ancient treasure they found large mirrors that were used by nomadic warriors for the ritual burial of dead.

A pot of jewels was found in the 40-50 cm from the current surface Andreev in the Lake District, where earlier settlements have been found in different time periods, including the ancient city, where lived a millennium ago the ancestors of modern Mansi, writes .

Among the decorations present two pieces of belts, one of them is a local thing. This can be judged by the waist lining. They depict two bears in a sacrificial position. According to mythology, Mansi said Toruma bear a son of God, an angry father who was exiled to earth in the guise of an animal. According to legends, killing the bear, Mansi thus freed soul Toruma son.

A more detailed examination of the treasure will be held in September, experts will study the composition of jewelry, determine their exact weight of precious metals and other parameters. After a detailed examination of the treasure will take its rightful place in one of the Museums.

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