Twenty facts you did not know about gravity

26 Jul

1. The Force around us and penetrates us, it binds the galaxy. He could say this about gravity. Its properties of attraction literally fasten the galaxy and she gets in us, physically pulling us to the Earth.

2. However, unlike the Force with its light and dark sides, gravity is not the dual of, it only attracts and never repels.

3. NASA is trying to develop a tractor beam, which will be able to move physical objects, creating an attracting force that exceeds the force of gravity.

4. Passengers roller coasters and astronauts on the Space Station micro gravity experience – which is incorrectly referred to as zero-gravity – as they fall at the same speed as the vessel in which they are located.

5. He who weighs 60 pounds on Earth would weigh on Jupiter if it were possible – to stand on the gas giant 142 kilograms. The large mass of the planet means greater gravity.

6. To leave Earth’s gravity well, any object must reach a speed of 11.2 kilometers per second – the escape velocity of the planet.

7. Gravity, oddly enough – the weakest of the four fundamental forces of the universe. Three others – it is electromagnetism, the weak nuclear force, which determines the decay of atoms, and the strong nuclear force that holds atomic nuclei together.

8. Magnet the size of a coin is of sufficient strength of the electromagnetic interaction, to overcome all of the Earth’s gravity and stick to the fridge.

9. Apple does not fall on the head of Isaac Newton, but it made him wonder, does the force, forcing the apple to fall, on the motion of the Moon around the Earth.

10. This is the apple led to the first in science inverse square law of proportionality F = G * (mM) / r2. This means that the object remote twice former has only a quarter of gravity.

11. Inverse square law of proportionality also means that, technically, the gravitational pull has unlimited range.

12. Another meaning of the word gravity – which means something heavy or serious – came first, and comes from the Latin gravis, which means heavy.

13. Power gravity accelerates all objects are equally regardless of weight. If you drop two balls from the roof of the same size but different weights, they hit the ground at the same time. Large inertia of a heavy object speed cancels any further, he could have as compared with the lighter.

14. The general theory of relativity, Einstein was the first theory, which considers gravity as a curvature of space-time – the fabric that makes up the physical universe.

15. Any object with mass warps space-time around them. In 2011, the experiment Gravity Probe In NASA showed that the Earth spins around the universe itself as a wooden ball in molasses – exactly as predicted by Einstein.

16. Bending space-time around them, sometimes massive object redirects the light rays that pass through it, as does the glass lens. Gravitational lenses can easily increase the apparent size of distant galaxies or lubricate them with light in strange forms.

17. The problem of three bodies, describing all the possible patterns in which three objects can be rotated around each other only by gravity, scientists occupied for three hundred years. To date, found only 16 of its decisions – and 13 of them were obtained as recently as March of this year.

18. Although the other three fundamental forces get along well with quantum mechanics – the science of ultrasmall – gravity refuses to cooperate with it, the quantum equations are violated in any attempt to incorporate the gravity. How to reconcile these two absolutely accurate and completely opposite to each other descriptions of the universe is one of the biggest problems in modern physics.

19. To better understand the gravity, scientists are looking for gravitational waves – ripples in space-time, which is derived from events such as the collision of black holes and the explosions of stars.

20. Once they manage to detect gravitational waves, scientists will be able to look at the space as it never did before. Every time we look at the universe in a new way, says physicist Gravitational-Wave Observatory Louisiana Amber Stuver, this is a revolution in our understanding of it.

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