The mystery of the origin of gold in the Universe

GoldThe gold in the cosmos could be shaped by the collision of neutron stars, scientists believe. Origin of gold remained unclear until the end, because, in contrast to the lighter fundamentals such as carbon and iron, it can not be formed directly inside the star. Edo Berger of the Smithsonian Astrophysical center seems to solve this mystery, watching gamma-ray bursts – the cosmic scale releases of radioactive energy. Berger and his colleagues studied the short gamma-ray burst GRB 130603B, caused by the collision of two neutron stars. He was seen by NASA spacecraft Swift and lasted less than two-tenths of a second.
In the aftermath of the explosion, scientists noticed that the explosion was replaced gradually disappearing glow, which was dominated by infrared radiation. The facts that the neutron-rich substances emitted during collapse neutron stars may generate elements undergo radioactive decay with emission mainly emitting in the infrared range. The team hopes that the gamma-ray bursts emit about one hundredth of a solar mass of material, including gold. Quantity of gold produced and released in the merger of two neutron stars can be compared to the mass of 10 Moons, says Berger. The cost of such a large number of precious metal would be equal to 100 trillion dollar.

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