The mysterious pause in global warming

25 Jul

Natural WarmingThe British National Meteorological Centre presented at the conference, held in London’s Science Media Center some of their assumptions about why such a dangerous global warming has stopped.

Scientists have noticed that compared to the 1990s the average temperature on the planet has fallen somewhat, despite the growing amount of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. According to meteorologists, in the period between 1998 and 2012 the temperature increased only by 0.04 degrees Celsius, while in the previous two periods (1970 to 1998), the temperature increased by 0.17% over ten years. There was a slight pause in global warming, but climate scientists believe that it is long.

The ability of the oceans to absorb heat this opinion is shared by most scientists. If you measure the temperature on the surface of the water and to compare with last year’s data, we find that it is somewhat higher. This is to be expected, but scientists have noticed more and temperature changes at a depth of oceans, which is really strange. Climate scientists say the oceans are giant heat absorbing “design” that can take on the temperature changes.

This hypothesis is supported by the artificial satellites: they showed that the difference in amounts of heat, which absorbs and gives our planet, is negative, which means that its average temperature continues to increase, despite the fact that the atmosphere is not warmer.

Another explanation of what is happening may be the fact that the sun for some reason emits less heat in the last ten years. However, this hypothesis is sufficient only in order to explain the pause but not the global warming.

Sounded and another version: Scientists have suggested that erupting volcanoes, throwing debris into the atmosphere, give heat back into space, causing the temperature has stabilized for long.

Climate scientists warn that there is no reason to believe that the natural stop global warming will last a long time. They believe that the pause may soon end, and then increase the temperature to continue. It is estimated that by the end of the century, our planet will be at 2 degrees Celsius warmer. It may sound innocuous, but the consequences of such changes even can be quite unpredictable.

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