The Martian surface Ocean

24 Jul

The researchers found more evidence to support the theory that several billion years ago, most of the Martian surface was covered by a vast ocean.

New data showed on pictures that made Mars reconnaissance satellite NASA launched from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral August 12, 2005. In the photos, apparently, you can see the ancient delta of the river, a tributary of the vast ocean that covered a third of the surface of the Red Planet. According to a study co-author Mike Lamb, Assistant Professor of Geology at Caltech in Pasadena, the assumption is that in the northern lowlands of Mars are dried-up ocean bottom, put forward long ago, but still have not found any real evidence.

According to geologists, the new study also failed to provide real evidence, but further strengthened the hypothesis. The camera apparatus, to make pictures, the detail of up to 25 centimeters. Particular care researchers examined an area of 100,000 square meters. km., called Aeolis Dorsa. This area is about a thousand kilometers from the crater Gale, near which last year landed the rover Curiosity. Rover is studying the geological history of the planet, as well as look for traces of life.

In one area of Aeolis Dorsa is a large number of ridges, which experts call the inverted channels. They were formed under the influence of gravel, which last bore running water. After studying these channels, the researchers were able to trace the history of the existence of water on the Red Planet. It was also found that these recesses are located at the natural tectonic faults as terrestrial rivers that flow through the areas with lowest resistance, eventually falling into the sea.

Delta of ancient Martian rivers found before, but the best part was inside craters and other restricted areas. This proved that existed on the Red Planet of the lake, but not the ocean. According to Dr. Roman Dibiaza, the current discovery has become one of the most convincing evidence of the existence of a huge reservoir in the northern hemisphere of Mars.

However, while the question remains about the size of this reservoir. According to the researchers, most of the area of Aeolis Dorsa was covered with water, so the area of the ocean could not be less than 100,000 square kilometers. Experts point out that this could well be the world’s oceans, which held the third of the surface of Mars. It is quite possible that once limited the delta Aeolis Dorsa crater wall, which deteriorated over time.

Now scientists are going to continue to search for the alleged ocean shoreline to get more data on past Mars, proving that this planet very similar to our Earth.

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