Sun reached a very early stage of collapse

31 Jul

Signs indicate that occur on the Sun something odd going on with the sun, says Michael It started to be very unstable, and scientists do not know exactly how to explain it. Solar activity seems to slow down with every new cycle, and the giant “hole” began appearing in the sun.

 At the moment, the sun is future the peak of its concerned that could bring the next cycle. If solar activity continue to decline, it may be, the solar cycle, in the end, will disappear once and for all? Could it be that we are approaching a new ice age?

 Even worse, there may be the odd deeds of the Sun sign that our star dies? Traditionally, scientists encompass learned that the sun will never die, and there will be billions of years old. But in recent years, astronomers have observed the stars, like our sun, which suddenly start to behave very unstable, and then quickly die. Is it possible that the same will happen to our sun?

It is a fact that the current solar cycle was the weakest in the last 100 years. And many scientists are looking for answers…

 Of course, the bulk of scientists claim that everything will be okay, and that there is no cause for concern, but others are not so sure.

 For example, Matthew Penn of the National Solar Observatory believes that a new ice age is approaching …

 Penn offered another, more disastrous alternative: the sunspot cycle may disappear completely. His side uses the spectra of sunspots to measure their magnetic fields, and the data show a clear trend: the power of the magnetic field in sunspots is on the wane.

 “If this trend continues, there will be almost no outbreaks in sequence 25, and we may find ourselves in another in the second partially of the 17th century. The spots were observed almost time for the sun, and this time coincide with a small ice age inEurope.

Another strange phenomenon for astronomers watched closely, – the appearance of a giant “holes” in the Sun. More recently, a massive hole, which covered nearly a quarter of the entire surface of the Sun, was the main headline in the media world…

 The space telescope aimed at the sun, he saw a giant hole in the sun’s atmosphere – a dark spot, which covers almost a quarter of our nearest star, spewing gas and solar material into space.

 The so-called coronal holes above the north pole of the sun were in the field of view in the period from July 13 to 18, and they were seen in the Solar and Hemispheric Observatory, or SOHO. NASA has released a video with a ‘hole’ in the sun, which was observed space satellites SOHO.

 This event occurred after there was another giant “hole” in the Sun, which was seen in the period from 28 to 31 May.

Some scientists say “yes,” while others say “no.”

Meanwhile, the weather condition here on earth is very unstable.

 Just a few weeks ago, the high temperature in the south-westernUnited States, close to 49 C and record temperatures are fighting now inSiberia.

 Summer seems to be receiving hotter and hotter. Winter seems to be getting colder, the drought is likely to become more intense, and we are seeing record flooding across the planet. All these skin tone are described in the critique “22 sign that international weather patterns are completely crazy.

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