Mysterious underground cities in Cappadocia Hobbits

31 Jul

HistoryRecently appear in the world press articles on the multilevel underground cities found in Turkish Cappadocia, where once lived the unusual inhabitants. in the region of 5,000 years ago under the ground and get it developed a mysterious race of so-called dwarf It is assumed that the growth of the underground cities of  ranged from 1.3 to 1.5 meters.

Each city had 15 to 50 thousand people – at the time it is VERY much: even in a major city like Paris, in the XIV century, there be only 100,000 populace.

The territory of the city of – 1,500 square meters one of the cities that managed to dig archaeologists Rooms underground settlements  which, twenty kilometers from the city of Nevsehir carved in volcanic  and are associated with 9-km long tunnel – the input inside, as elsewhere, the overlap millstones, constant temperature in the winter and in the summer due to ventilation was + 25 degrees. In addition, mines Kayak actively mined copper to adorn the walls with sheets of metal in the chambers of the king. About the same personalities they underground kings that scientists still do not know anything – except for that they were appreciably taller than their subjects.

 70-year-old archaeologist Mohamed Dzheydabar, engaged in the excavation of one of the main underground cities of  Cappadocia Turkey- Ozona, said that the “first layer” Dungeon – 10-12 floors – this is just the tip of the iceberg. Dzheydabar not rule out that the depth of the hidden villages can reach hundreds of stories, and even more. “We dig and dig decades. Barely clearing the land from one floor behind him immediately people obviously had a conflict with terrestrial inhabitants, which forced them to go underground.

But it is strange that archaeologists in Cappadocia did not find space that would serve for the worship of the gods. No figures – no people, no animals, no prayer stones. On the lowest levels in Derinkuyu built a religious school and even the church in the form of crucifixion – but it’s built later, in the III century AD they hollowed out in the rocks hiding from Roman soldiers Christians. It is unlikely that the inhabitants of the caves of Cappadocia were atheists. Rather, the embodiments of the gods for the local people or the gods themselves were mysterious rulers – underground kings.

Now many archaeological sources indicate that at the dawn of the history of the land was inhabited by people of small stature. Earlier evidence of their existence is only on the islands. For example, the remains of dwarf animals in the caves of Malta suggest that even 10,000 years ago civilization that inhabited the area of t. Another finding – human skeletons in the cave Ling-Bois – testifies about 20,000 years ago, the rise of the islanders reached the utmost … 1 meter. These miniature creation scientists have dubbed homo and the world press – Hobbits. While the brains of these people had a brain the size of a ape, they are perfectly made stone tools. Some experts have already concluded – the first inhabitants of the planet were midgets, and then they died out Russ. However, the findings in and put it to somebody – not extinct, and possibly gone into the depths of the earth, to be saved from extermination.

Unfortunately, so far it is not identified what kind of Russ inhabited 5,000 years ago, hundreds of underground cities of. Since the excavations could not find skeletons inhabitants of caves, scientists have only two theories: either the Lilliputians themselves left their cities and returned to the surface, mingle with the people, or were captured and taken away by the answer. Science does not situate still.” It is hoped that it will be so.

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