31 Scientists have discovered the secret of 500-year-old girl mummy

30 Jul

Sacrificed the ancient Incas adolescents for a long time used the coca leaves and beer. This is the conclusion of a number of archaeologists who have studied in 1995 found the mummy of a teenage girl.

Previously, scientists believed that drugs were only given to the victims of death and during the ascent of the mountain peak, where performing the rites. Detail with reference to the article researchers Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences leads Nature News. 

Scientists have studied the mummified remains of a girl whose age at death was about 13 years old, and at this point the girl about 500 years old. Many of the circumstances of her death were previously well known, so archaeologists have conducted additional analyzes: in particular, have been studied hair Using mass spectrometry to determine the content managed in hair cocaine and one of the metabolites of cocaine.

These analyzes revealed the contents of the drug at the level of today’s consumers of coca leaves, which can not be explained only by a one-time use of the coca earlier than the ritual.

Previously, archaeologists it was widely believed that the victims were given coca leaves in the ascent to the place of their death and just before the murder. It was assumed that the victim also received a more intoxicating material, which was to facilitate the process of the sacrifice: and before any psychoactive substances select for the ritual, the children did not consume. Scientists have analyzed the hair is not only the “ice bride”, but the other two mummies, which only strengthened their hypothesis: all year chewed coca leaves. In addition, the archaeologists found similar traces of alcohol consumption: the victim about a year drinking a lot of beer. Alcohol and coca have been, according to the researchers, part of the ritual of grounding for the sacrifice.

Mummy is very well preserved because of the low temperatures at high altitudes. Archaeologists have even been able to determine its mass, which, it is estimated that close to a lifetime, about forty pounds.

Previous studies, including the 2007 isotopic analysis also showed the victims of the transition to more valuable food products, including meat. Accumulated archaeologists information suggest that the role of fatalities of selected children or children 4 and 5 which followed a year lived different from all the other Inca life. They were fed the best products, given alcohol and coca leaves, they wore special clothes, and a year later they were sent to the highest mountain peaks.

The death has been shown to forensic doctors who have studied the mummy was advancing because of the blow to the head with a blunt object. “Ice Bride” died because she was hit a bit of a modern baseball bat after breaking bones of the skull and cause a massive hemorrhage, having passed the girl’s brain.

The bodies of the victims dropped on or after the slope of the mountains, along with a variety of items, including gold and silver statues.

Human sacrifices, including the ritual killing of chilzzdren, have been distributed in virtually all pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas. The Incas sacrificed during important events in honor of the gods, which in their pantheon, there were a few dozen. Among the main stands the Sun God and the supreme god Iacocca

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