Sun reached a very early stage of collapse

Signs indicate that occur on the Sun something odd going on with the sun, says Michael It started to be very unstable, and scientists do not know exactly how to explain it. Solar activity seems to slow down with every new cycle, and the giant “hole” began appearing in the sun.

 At the moment, the sun is future the peak of its concerned that could bring the next cycle. If solar activity continue to decline, it may be, the solar cycle, in the end, will disappear once and for all? Could it be that we are approaching a new ice age? Continue reading “Sun reached a very early stage of collapse”

Mysterious underground cities in Cappadocia Hobbits

HistoryRecently appear in the world press articles on the multilevel underground cities found in Turkish Cappadocia, where once lived the unusual inhabitants. in the region of 5,000 years ago under the ground and get it developed a mysterious race of so-called dwarf It is assumed that the growth of the underground cities of  ranged from 1.3 to 1.5 meters.

Each city had 15 to 50 thousand people – at the time it is VERY much: even in a major city like Paris, in the XIV century, there be only 100,000 populace. Continue reading “Mysterious underground cities in Cappadocia Hobbits”

31 Scientists have discovered the secret of 500-year-old girl mummy

Sacrificed the ancient Incas adolescents for a long time used the coca leaves and beer. This is the conclusion of a number of archaeologists who have studied in 1995 found the mummy of a teenage girl.

Previously, scientists believed that drugs were only given to the victims of death and during the ascent of the mountain peak, where performing the rites. Detail with reference to the article researchers Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences leads Nature News. 

Scientists have studied the mummified remains of a girl whose age at death was about 13 years old, and at this point the girl about 500 years old. Many of the circumstances of her death were previously well known, so archaeologists have conducted additional analyzes: in particular, have been studied hair Using mass spectrometry to determine the content managed in hair cocaine and one of the metabolites of cocaine. Continue reading “31 Scientists have discovered the secret of 500-year-old girl mummy”

Tyumen found an ancient treasure coins with Arabic

Western Siberia has not previously encountered, experts say. Two kilograms of silver jewelry and coins were found during the practice of first-year students at the excavation near Tyumen, in the district of St. Andrew the lake. Among the artifacts – Arab coins X-XI centuries. According to the candidate of historical sciences Alexey Gordienko, head of the excavation, these coins are found in Western Siberia for the first time. Curiously, during excavations by archaeologists used an interactive map of the Urals Federal District.

The real miracle of Tyumen archaeologists waited at the depth of the ancient moat. In the copper cauldron, this in itself is an unprecedented historical value lay jewelry that belonged probably to one of the richest genera Mansi. Treasures dated 10-12 centuries.

Continue reading “Tyumen found an ancient treasure coins with Arabic”

We and the world around us

World usReality is always more difficult, thorny and requires reflection, study and think beyond the box.   We vzrasleem on actual knowledge of life and not on belief in something beyond. Let’s start with a simple.. What we know about ourselves.. About our origins? What lies behind the mystery of Adam and Eve?

They Mars (Adam) and Earth (Eva) Phobos / Faeton / serpent tempter was Nibiru, his Adam’s apple, golden sphere, built to shift the Annunaki Nibiru from the PA system (solar system). Accordingly biblical characters Adam, Eve, the Serpent tempter is happening miniatures in our solar system like comparison.

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UFO in California

UFOIn California in the photo accidentally captured a UFO. That’s what the witness says: My friends and I were on an excursion to the popular route in Auburn,California, we decided to stop and rest for about a mile down the trail where there is a rock that protrudes from the mountainside and is ideal for photos and provides a great panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Continue reading “UFO in California”

The revolt of U.S.troops after the Second World War

U.S.troops There are historical facts that remain unknown to the general public. One of these was the rebellion of the U.S.troops just after the Second World War. One of the few exceptions  described these events, as far as I know, was the book of F. Gaja, The Short Century, Maquis Publisher.

 (1)Just finished the conflict, revolution suffocated in the Imperialist Metropolis thanks to the agreements of Yalta returned to press on the outskirts of the historical policy of the peoples of colonial and semi-colonial dominated and controlled by imperialism. Even in the absence of the subjective conditions of the joint between metropolis and periphery the rebellion of the colonial and semi-colonial peoples, it was still part of the class struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat internationally. Continue reading “The revolt of U.S.troops after the Second World War”

Mao. The Unknown Story

“Mao possessed a terrible weapon, the ruthlessness. In 1948 he moved to the city of Changchun in Manchuria, and when the direct assault to conquer it failed, he was given the order to force her to surrender by starvation. On 30 May, the field commander Lin Biao said, word for word: Turn Changchun in a city of death.

There is a wave of curiosity by the Western world, to China; to the fore in all the newspapers for what it is a new great leap forward in the economy, a plethora of cultural activities, an export of goods and ideas.
It is not a coincidence that, forty years after the death of Mao Tse-tung, have been published more or less simultaneously three books around the figure of the Great Helmsman, the biography of the American Philip Short Mao. Continue reading “Mao. The Unknown Story”

The first living creature made landfall as early – 2.2 billion years ago

Life startTruism paleontology states that plants and other living beings began to develop the land only 500 million years ago, and the barren landscapes of ancient Earth resembled Mars. But geologist Gregory J. Retallack from the University of Oregon and his colleagues remains of an unknown creature that lived on land 2.2 billion years ago.

Fossils are the sizes of a match head in the cluster are connected by thin threads. They were called Diskagma buttonii disk-shaped fragments Andy Button, and they covered the surface of the soil on the territory of modern South Africa. Continue reading “The first living creature made landfall as early – 2.2 billion years ago”

Twenty facts you did not know about gravity

1. The Force around us and penetrates us, it binds the galaxy. He could say this about gravity. Its properties of attraction literally fasten the galaxy and she gets in us, physically pulling us to the Earth.

2. However, unlike the Force with its light and dark sides, gravity is not the dual of, it only attracts and never repels.

3. NASA is trying to develop a tractor beam, which will be able to move physical objects, creating an attracting force that exceeds the force of gravity. Continue reading “Twenty facts you did not know about gravity”