Vatican’s secret history of Azerbaijan

12 Jun

“In secret documents brought to Azerbaijan from the Vatican, there is such information, which hitherto was not mentioned in the history of Azerbaijan. Just now, it is under investigation. It would therefore be premature to say anything wrong. ” This is APA head of department of translation and Information Institute of Manuscripts of ANAS Farid Alekberli.

 He said that most of the letters from the secret archives are letters of the Popes sent rulers who ruled Azerbaijan: “There are also letters and responses. Most of the letters are letters sent by the rulers of the Safavid dynasty. However, there are also letters addressed to other rulers of Azerbaijan- Elkhanids, ATABEKOV. But most of the letters are addressed to Safavi, Afshar, Qajar. From letters to the rulers of the Safavid dynasty, the majority addressed Tahmasib Shah and Shah Abbas. In addition, there are letters to the Shah Ismail Safavi Shah Suleiman, Sultan Hussein Shah Safavi. In these letters, with political relations, cultural relations, bilateral agreements, etc.

F.Alekberli said in a secret letter also contains information about the relationship between the Safavids and the Ottomans: “The Safavids were in a state of war with the Ottoman state. Since Shah Ismail and Shah Abbas before, and even after they were wars between the state Safavid and Ottoman Empire. Of course, this is one of the tragedies of the Muslim Turkic world. But it is a historical fact. These documents contain such information, with the help of which we can more deeply explore our history. All this information should be translated. The translation process will take time. Those who know the Latin language specialists have already engaged in this process. Most documents are in Latin. In addition, there are documents in the ancient Italian and ancient French, Arabic, Persian, Ancient Uighur. We have few professionals who know the ancient ancient Italian and French. The translation process is quite complex. You need to know the language, history, the terms of that period. Thus, the content of the text can be changed. In these letters, there are hints of hidden meanings. Therefore, the translation must be handled responsibly. You can then conduct historical analyzes. “

 Head of the department said they had already started the process of transfer of classified substance, “completely translated all the letters. Among the most important are selected. A lot of research material. The letters cover a variety of areas, different periods, and therefore very difficult one expert to examine them all. First, the documents will be transferred to the Safavid period, and documents in Latin. Because of this period a lot of material, and the majority of these materials in Latin. Safavid period – one of the most important stages of the history of Azerbaijan. Safavid state was originally created as a state of the Turkic Azerbaijan. During the period of Shah Abbas began to intensify Persian elements. However, this state still remained Azeri-Turkic. Safavid state is a glorious history of Azerbaijani statehood. It is therefore extremely important for us materials related to the Safavid period, especially the first Safavid shahs – Shah Ismail and Shah Tahmasib. “

F.Alekberli noted that according to classified information, it was learned that the missionaries began operating in Azerbaijan since the XII century. Along with the missionaries and representatives of the Vaticanacted in Azerbaijanin some areas, inhabited by Christians. They tried to work together with local Christians to spread their religion: “In these letters, they provide extensive information about Azerbaijan. It contains detailed information about the population of Azerbaijan, its cities, trade, economic development, agriculture, trade routes, even the prices in the markets. It is planned to transfer this information. This process will be carried out in stages. Currently, make copies of these documents. Will digital copies of all the materials. “

According F.Alekberli, reports of missionaries are more relevant to the Safavid period: “These documents contain a lot of interesting material. This detailed reports. Some are painted on pages 50-70. ‘

In general, the secret documents cover the period from the XII century – since Elkhanids – until the XIX century – the end of the reign Gajar. There are letters from the early twentieth century: “Among them are interesting letter to theVaticanambassador of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in Turkey Yusuf Chamanzaminli and answer theVatican. ADRs and theVaticanhad intended to put inIstanbulmonument to Pope Benedict, which were even allocated. But this did not happen. Prevented, on the one hand, the abolition of the sultanate inTurkeyand the establishment of theRepublicofTurkey, on the other hand, the fall of ADRs. This letter refers to 1919. “

In the information contains information about the missionary activities of the Vatican Churchin Azerbaijanin the late XIX – early XX centuries. They acted not only in Azerbaijan but also in Armeniaand Georgia. Armenians from Armenia would like to convert to Roman Catholics, for this purpose was discovered several Catholic schools. These schools have also been established in many cities of Azerbaijan, including in South Azerbaijan- in Urmia,Tabriz. In these schools, studied and Muslim converts to Christianity, and Armenians. Later, after the weakening of the influence of Catholicism, some of them have returned to the Gregorian religion. In the late XIX – early XX centuries, the Vaticanal located some funds for this activity in the Caucasus. In the financing of Catholic schools was a direct proportion and the French government. All this took place in secret. This information will clarify many of the points in the history of Azerbaijan. You just have to study them. “

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