Unsolved mystery Sakkarskoy birds

birdsSakkarskoy bird – an artifact that was found in Egypt next to the pyramid of Saqqara in 1898 during the excavation of the tomb Padimena. Artifact in the form of a small bird became the subject of many heated debates.

The fact that this little figure made of wood and scientists estimate the age of a 2200 years old. Moreover, its shape, though resembles the shape of the bird is much more in line with the aerodynamic contours of modern aircraft. Moreover, the characters on the figure means gift of Amun, and three of papyrus found next to her, mention the phrase I want to fly.

All these details have prompted Dr. Kahlil Mahdi, who found the figure in 1898, suggest that the ancient Egyptians made this aircraft model based on a certain flying machine that they either built or seen somewhere. He said that the bird has Sakkarskaya aerodynamic qualities, and the only piece that is missing figure – it’s tail with stabilizers, with whom she may have even been able to fly.

To prove his theory, the Mahdi built a model of balsa wood with an added tail, and it really flew. In 2006, an expert in the field of aviation and aerodynamics Simon Sanders also built a replica Sakkarskoy birdies and tested it in a wind tunnel, but without a tail. Tests have shown that the bird can fly up to four times more weight than weighing herself.

However, another attempt to test flight characteristics Sakkarskoy birds, launched in 2002 by designer gliders Martin Gregory, gave different results. He created a model of balsa wood and its conclusions from the tests were as follows: no tail fin, she could not fly, but even with it its efficiency would be disappointing – and it caused him to assume that the figure is likely to have been a toy.

Most of the archaeologists of the opinion that the artifact is not nothing but a bird does, which is “pure coincidence” like a glider. Although its function is unknown, the majority of the scholars are inclined to think that it was part of a bow shape that was used on the sacred boats.

We certainly know that the Egyptians were able to build an advanced civilization, and were experts in architecture, engineering and art. Could it be that this miniature model was created in an attempt to construct a real flying machine? Papyrus, found next to the figure, as well as its specific characteristics rather refutes the hypothesis that it was only a toy.

Given that the bird depicted in the figure does not exist in nature, it is possible to imagine that the ancient Egyptians created it as a replica of something they’ve seen in the sky, perhaps – some kind of flying machine that they could not understand and therefore gave her the model similarity with the bird.

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