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UFO objectiveOne of the former employees of the Department Ph.D. VP Kovalkov kept a copy of the report on UFOs and handed it to me.  After reading the report, I have concluded that it is almost a textbook on ufology, the author of which you can quite be called acheslav Pavlovich Kovalkova.  I must say that the very contents of the report speaks for itself: UFO – it is a reality.

Here is the testimony of Doctor of Technical Sciences of one of the developers of the first radar and RF Avramenko, who in 1994 publicly stated that after the first high-power radar, he and his staff decided to explore … The vicinity of the Earth and discovered the unknown aircraft that were at a distance of a few hundred to a thousand miles away!  Scientists have noted in detail each such object, defined its parameters, and the time of flight.  For example, one of them was at an altitude of about 300 km and was moving at a speed of 20 km / sec and has a diameter of about 300 meters!

I must say that similar results were obtained and abroad.  In particular, the implementation of a secret Canadian project “Magnet”, directed by William Smith, in those same 50 years, were found many spacecraft.

Now witness another great scientist, who has spearheaded the Soviet rocketry, Valentin Fomenko, who first saw the UFO in August 1956.  When he was asked: “What is a UFO sighting you personally think is the most bizarre, the most unusual?” – He replied:

– Huge disk or flattened ball with a diameter of 400 kilometers (!), Who captured the camera’s American geostationary satellite GOES-8.  When I counted how many people placed there, if each cabin to 3×3 meters, it turns out that such a disk can take on the entire population of the Earth and still have plenty of space for animals and plants.  This is similar to a huge Noah’s Ark, a place where you can put that in the case of men.  One can see the state of our planet is someone serious concern, since this whole armada of flying in close proximity to it.

They have already saved?

In 2006, the media reported that scientists have deciphered one of the ancient texts of the Maya mysteriously disappeared, which states that members of a powerful alien civilization thousands of years ago, saved our planet and its inhabitants from a collision with a giant comet.

And in April 1986, they saved us once again!  And evidence of this.

The explosion of the fourth reactor block of Chernobyl occurred on the night of April 26, 1986 1 hour 26 minutes.  In practice, this was “smeared in time” explosion of the atomic bomb, which is, without exception, every peaceful reactor.  Among the thousands of participants in the events of that terrible night there are hundreds of witnesses who saw in the sky above the burning power unit of an unidentified flying object …

MA Varitsky, Senior Management dosimeter dosimetry of Chernobyl, this night was alerted and sent to the head of the group in the Chernobyl area.  He was accompanied by his partner, dosimetrist UDC Samoilenko.  The mission was part of the group monitored by the device PD 2 “b.”  Machine Group in the line of sight of the fourth block was 4 hours 15 minutes.  “Smeared in time” explosion still going on.  Seeing how the ruined reactor explosion burns unit, and felt “burning face”, Dosimetrists, realizing the threat of exposure, we decided to give up the job immediately and return to the base of the means of protection.

They have already begun to roll out the car, when suddenly: “We have seen slowly drifting in the sky bright colors Brass ball of fire.  He had a diameter of 6.8 meters.  Again, we have made measurements by changing the scale of the device to another band.  The device showed 3,000 mR / hr.  Suddenly from the ball broke two bright crimson color spotlight (two beams) … These two beams were directed to the reactor of Unit 4.  The subject was from a reactor at a distance of approximately 300 meters.  All this lasted about 3 minutes … floodlights suddenly went out, and the ball sailed slowly to the north-west.  Here we are once again drew attention to the instrument.  He already showed 800 MHR / h!  We ourselves could not explain what happened, and so sinned on the device.  However, when we got back to the base and have it checked, the unit was serviceable. “

These statements Varitskogo are of special interest, as there is given a chronicle of events of that night by the minute and dosimetric measurements.  Of course, the estimates of the size of the observed object and the distance from it to the reactor are subjective, as there may be a question only of the angular size, not linear.

However, the testimony of your device, and hours of objective thing, and we can rely on them as documented evidence that on the night of the accident UFO that appeared in the sky above the burning power unit is almost paid off, “smeared” nuclear explosion, knocking radiation from 3000 to 800 MHR / hour .  The rest of the heroic labor and the loss of human life, did the rest of Kiev firefighters.  That night there were many witnesses who can confirm his observations UFO over Chernobyl.  September 16th, 1989 at Unit 4 were again marked by failure, accompanied by the release into the atmosphere of large nuclear masses.  Heskolko hours later the doctor

I. Gospina observed in the sky above the station to which she describes as “amber”, where you could distinguish his “top” and “bottom” …

In October 1990, the Chernobyl nuclear scientist A. Krimov photographed from the window of his apartment UFO hanging over houses.  Ha photograph clearly visible landing gear system, which seems to have just taken off.

5 days later, photographer of the newspaper “Echo of Chernobyl” V. Savran survey conducted in the affected engine room of the generator.  Here is what he said: “Ha, just in case I” snapped “up, trying to grab the edge of the frame part of the dip in the roof …” – and then: – “Being of sound mind and memory, declare that the sky – neither before nor after There was no UFO “.

However, when exposed film showed Savran on it was hanging over the failure in the roof of the block UFO-like object, which the year before had seen Gospina.  Only photographed from below.  It should be said that not only the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was the subject of attention UFO.

In September 1988, from Kiev Shevchuk saw two luminous objects hanging above the chimney of a nuclear reactor of the Kiev Institute for Nuclear Research.  These objects look the same as the object observed Varitskim and Samojlenko over 4th block of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on the night of the accident.  Increased interest in these facilities to areas related to the use of nuclear energy, there has been still in the forties, when over the Los Alamos nuclear center (USA) were recorded appearance of UFO.  According to a former employee of the Swiss consulate in Japan the day after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, August 7, 1945 in the skies over the city came undone kind of “phantom”.  Hachinaya since 1947, similar to the “silver disk” objects were repeatedly observed over the state Hyu Mexico, where the years have passed nuclear tests.

UFO does not escape his attention, none of the sites of nuclear tests in the world.  Almost all of the polygons, which were carried out or carried out nuclear tests, such as the French test site in the Sahara, the American test site on Bikini Atoll, the former Soviet nuclear test sites on the island of Land and Farming at Semipalatinsk – on all of these areas is almost after every explosion seen “patrolling” this area UFO.

The phenomenon of Billy Meier

The most reliable information about UFOs and those who manned them, the international community is Swiss Billy Meir.  He’s met Marina Popovich and to “Siegel readings” in Moscow showed a video of a UFO landing that made Billy.  I saw this post.  I could not help the idea that this is an upscale fake.  But since Marina Popovich had no doubts on this score, then tried to collect all of Meir, what possible, the original information.  The word famous explorer Vladimir Zabelyshenskomu:

“The name of Eduard Billy Meier is well known to urologists, as well as analysts, military and political circles in America and Europe.  This 67-year-old Swiss man for the first time face to face with the aliens in 1942.  A couple of months before the kidnapping, June 2, he saw a strange object in the sky, like a huge metal pear.  He was flying slow and low, making hissing and crackle …

In November, prior to the sixth birthday of Meir, a large UFO landed in a meadow near the forest.  Billy was curious came close, but did not have time to do ten steps, as discovered about myself is a low creature similar to humans.  His wrinkled face the color of asphalt does not express any emotion.  Billy dubbed him the Old Man.  Taking him by the arm, the old man took him to a UFO.  Four consecutive hours Billy had to work hard learning the truth which will affect the fate of most earthlings.  In parting, the old man said that the next time Billy will sayabout the role of others like it, intermediaries between the people and creatures, the true nature of which cannot be disclosed.

Two years later, Billy passed to another guide.  Outwardly, they did not differ from each other, only the timbre of a voice at the new teacher was higher.  By the time Billy knew that the alien voices heard directly in his head and does not necessarily talk, it is enough just to think about it.

In subsequent contacts with the ’62 race of aliens did not stop.  Since 1975, Billy began to record and store in a Swiss bank the most important information.  By this time, despite the fact that he lost one arm, he has mastered the technique of working with photo and video cameras, confidently ridden a moped.  All these skills are useful to him, with the consent of the alien when he became a regular in broad daylight shoot UFOs that seem to pose, low hovering over the meadows and hills.

The amazing clarity of images, as well as expertly selected point shooting caused a lot of suspicion among researchers and experts of all kinds.

For many years, studied photographs and videotapes in the best laboratories in America, Europe and Japan.  They were interested in the CIA, NASA and the National Center for UFO France.  Photo Archive Billy has about a thousand pictures!  Were spent huge amounts of money on expensive expert – very much like to catch Meir of fraud.  Suffice it to say that it has invested more than $ 1 million to the organization of all kinds of revelations.

However, despite all the efforts of the experts of the highest caliber tampering was found.  Media in Los Angeles wrote: “One-Armed Swiss, who lives in a secluded house surrounded by fabulous nature, he was right.  Now it’s time to shame the envious and the army of skeptics.  A million dollars seems to have to give Billy Meier as compensation for non-pecuniary damage. “

Extraordinary personality Meir interested in Air Force intelligence security services in England and the United States.  To him frequent researchers, the disposal of which has all sorts of equipment.  In July 1980, British specialists, tentatively agreed with Meir about the time and place of the experiment, arrived in Switzerland and in the field deployed equipment for the registration of optical and electronic characteristics of the UFO.  The sun was pretty high over the mountains when the anxious expectation of surprise gave way to transforming into confusion.  Because of the wooded slope appeared a large disk with a dome on top.  In the middle part perfectly viewed slowly rotating “rim”, rippled greenish haze.  The object slowly planned at an altitude of about 700 meters.  Once on a large meadow at the edge of the forest, where the equipment has been installed, the UFO hovered, slowly swaying, like a pendulum.

The equipment did not disappoint, recording on a magnetic medium frequency spectrum and dynamics of the electromagnetic field around the UFO failed.  However, in the process, Billy Meir explained that recorded only a small part of the frequency spectrum of the field of UFOs, which is its protective shield.

The higher frequency range (above 3 GHz) Earth’s equipment was not considered.  Billy asked those present to retreat to the nearby trees, “Take care of your eyes, now the ship will leave this place.  Then you can get back to business. ”  Purple haze enveloped the object, and then there was a bright flash of light, UFO, leaving loose, but rather a bright cloud, lightning disappeared in the sky.  After flying a UFO, all batteries are not just empty and destroyed fluid electrolyte.  In the safe were only current sources are dry, too, is depleted.  And in the end, the TV channels USA and some European countries have shown a “sound” of the protective field of UFOs.  During one of the visits of strangers passed Meir metal sample as evidence of their presence on the planet.  Scientists have identified it as a magnesium-26.  This lightweight and extremely hard material on an industrial scale to obtain unrealistic even in a very distant future.  He matched another sample found on the UFO crash site in Brazil.

The interest towards the Billy Meier explained not only by the fact that he has a unique photographs, but also has the gift of foresight in the field of science and geopolitics.  Many of his prophecies have already been fulfilled.  For example, in October 1978, Meir said that Jupiter’s moon Io is distinguished by high volcanic activity, and the Jupiter has rings, besides, he described in detail the composition and mechanism of formation, as well as ice-covered surface of Europa – a moon of Jupiter.  And all this for 20 years before in 1998 with the help of space probes, scientists were able to verify its correctness.  In February 1995, Meir warned about the accident at the French nuclear power plant near Lyon, which really took place in August 2003.

The documents on contacts with aliens from Meir February 28, 1987 reported: “The world is heading to a nuclear disaster.  The prelude will be a huge force hurricanes on the east coast of the United States.  Millions of people will rush to the north and in the central states.  Chaos and ruin.  Take advantage of this … fanatics, bringing its stake in the destruction of the infrastructure of the United States. ”  Meir even mentions the assassination attempt on the U.S. president, after which the armed forces will begin to suppress the fanatics in the Middle East and Asia.  Europe will not stand aside: it offers a huge disaster.  “But China will take a dominant place in the world.”

But what is the role of the aliens in this fateful period of human civilization?  In the same document states: “Extraterrestrial forces would drop the veil of secrecy and will assist those who oppose the irresponsible actions of the Western countries.”  However, Meir warns that this scenario – just his prediction, not an ultimatum aliens.  Just once alien told Billy that the human race and some alien race in its development have a common point of origin.  Thus, the aliens have a vital interest in the preservation of the human race on Earth as a biological material.

Billy Meier tells in detail about the structure of awesome alien ships at the same time noting that much of the space navigation, and what we would call the physics of energy and matter, is beyond his comprehension.  Once an alien offered Billy regenerate a lost arm.  He refused, explaining his decision by saying that many people would use it against him.

In short, the material on Billy Meier’s contacts with the aliens and their prophecies in the long run – information about the problems of our survival on the planet.  Today we have information of unprecedented accuracy as a result of its inspection of 50-year period of history.  Why this became known only now?  The answer is simple.  The prophecy in modern geopolitics, where much can be objectively verified – it is extremely responsible.  How people perceive this information?  How to choose the right moment and discover the truth?

This is the amazing story of a humble Swiss, making the rounds on the moped mountain forests in between meetings with UFOs and their pilots. “

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