U.S.raises cyber war

Internet warRT-News to discuss the issues relating to cyber wars that seem ready for the new times, especially with the new viruses alleged government funded north america no among others.

all countries that are located in the U.S.list “Take steps to protect their systems of defense” and un-insured should not expect anything, “because the organization is controlled by the West and in turn by U.S. West.”


“They [U.S.] talk about being assaulted when in fact they are always assaulted, then peace from a position of war arise,” he told RT Camacho, and says cyber stress “can get to be a war very dramatic because the economy and the infrastructure of a country depends on its computer systems. “

“The truth and the funny thing is that the only viruses of which we are aware they have done real harm in economic and military structure outside the U.S. are Americans, “said Camacho, citing” malware “as Stuxnet, Duqu or Flame that she says as some research seems to be coming from U.S.

The document also assumes cyber possible intervention in the country, with the order of the President or in cases of emergency.

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