Trovanty living stones Romania

Stone LivingThe central and southern Romania, away from the cities, there are amazing stones. The locals have even invented a special name for them – trovanty. These stones may not only rise, but also … multiply.

In most cases, these stones are round or streamlined shape and no sharp chips. In appearance they are not much different from any other boulders, of which a lot of these places. But after the rain begins to happen with trovantami something incredible: they are like mushrooms, grow and are taken to increase in size.

Each trovant weighing only a few grams can eventually grow and potyazhelet more than a ton. Young stones grow faster with age, the growth slows down trovanta. growing stones are composed mostly of sandstone. Their internal structure is also very unusual, if sawed stone in half, then cut, like a cut down a tree, you can see several age rings, centered around a small solid core.

In spite of the uniqueness trovantov, geologists have been slow to include them in the category of unexplained phenomena in science. According to scientists, growing stones, though uncommon, but their nature is inexplicable. Geologists say that trovanty – the result of a long process of cementation of sand, which occurred millions of years in the bowels of the earth. On the surface, these stones are found in the course of strong seismic activity. Found scientists and explaining the growth trovantov: the stones increase in size due to high content of various mineral salts under their shell. When the surface is wet, these chemical compounds are beginning to expand and put pressure on the sand, causing the stone to “grow.”

Nevertheless, there have trovantov one feature that geologists can not explain. Living stones, in addition to grow, and yet able to reproduce. Here’s how: Once the surface of the stone gets wet, it acquires a slight bulge. Over time, it expands when a new stone weight becomes large enough, it breaks away from the mother. trovantov new structure in the same as in the other older rocks. Inside there is also the core of what is the core mystery to scientists. If the rise of stone somehow be explained from a scientific point of view, the process of dividing a rocky core defies any logic. In general, the process of reproduction trovantov reminds budding why some experts think seriously over the issue, not whether they are a hitherto unknown form of inorganic life.

The locals are more than one hundred years old know about the unusual properties of trovantov, but special attention is not paid to them. Previously, growing stones were used as building materials. Trovanty often can be seen on the Romanian cemeteries, large stones set as tombstones because of their unusual appearance. trovantami is noted for some and another fantastic ability. Like the famous crawling rocks of Death Valley Preserve in California, they often move from place to place. open air museum today trovanty – this is one of those attractions in Central Romania, take a look at which attracts tourists from all over the world. In turn, savvy Romanians are made up of small trovantov gifts and decorations, but because each guest has the opportunity to bring a piece of stone from the journey of a miracle. Many owners of stone souvenirs argue that memorable products trovantov, when wet, are beginning to grow, and yet they are often arbitrarily moved around the house that produces enough terrible impression.

The largest cluster of growing stones recorded in the Romanian county of (field) Valcea. On its territory there trovanty all shapes, sizes and colors. Due to the great interest of tourists in 2006 authorities in the village Kostesht was created only in the country trovantov museum under the open sky. Its area is 1.1 hectares. The museum collected the most unusual in appearance growing stones from all around. Those who wish for a small fee may be acquainted with the exposition and purchase small samples as souvenirs. Russian relatives Stones, like the Romanian trovantam, are found in other countries. There is something similar in Russia. For several years in the area Kolpnyanskogo Orel Andreevka in the village and the surrounding area from the ground, as if by magic, on the surface appear rounded boulders. They can be seen in fields, gardens, near houses and gardens. Oryol growing stones in appearance resemble agglutinate sand, but it is a deceptive fragility. In fact, these stones are very durable, and to break away from them, even a small piece, you need to make great efforts. Dimensions stones vary widely. There are around Andreevka growing as small stones and huge boulders several feet in length, reminiscent of building boards.

To understand the nature of this phenomenon and try to geologists and historians. Locals growing stones are very popular. They confer mystical properties, believe that the boulders rising out of the ground, rich in life-giving power of Mother Earth. Some even moved a few stones and adorned their way to the local saints sources. Others are building stone decorative rockery in their home gardens and use them as decorative materials for homes. unusual trovantov sometimes leads to a very bold and seemingly implausible opinions and hypotheses, the reliability of which recognize the official science is not in a hurry. A number of researchers, as already mentioned, believes that representatives trovanty-inorganic life forms. The principle of their existence and the structure does not have anything to do with the same characteristics are studied species of flora and fauna. In this case, growing stones can be as original inhabitants of the planet for thousands of years quietly existed side by side with a man, and representatives of extraterrestrial life forms, who fell to the ground with meteorites or importations by aliens. quite possible that people are looking for other forms of life, not where follows these aliens have long been among us, and we simply do not notice them.

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