The woman of the future

04 Jun

WomenResearchers know how to amuse the public, and very often come up with a lot of interesting experiments and surveys. Not so long ago, they determined what should be the height and weight of women in the next few hundred years. Perhaps the modern representatives of a strong half of mankind prophecies pundits hardly like, but to get acquainted with them is essential.

About such a thing as evolution – academics and still have not come to the same point of view. Some believe that it is long gone, others believe that this process continues to this day. The same opinion is shared by the famous biologist Stephen Stearns, who believes that the human form is directly dependent on the processes of reproduction. And it is associated with offspring, which will give the ladies a particular type.

Stearns theory is this: if the most prolific and persistent dark-haired thin persons will rise above the average, then it is they who form the majority of the fair sex so after two years.

Here are a researcher and analyzed the trends taking place today. Roughly speaking, he went in search of reproductive leaders. But high hudyshek there were found.

The famous biologist and his colleagues raised a large-scale survey data, which at one time was held in one of the U.S.states. Began his conduct in the 50-years of the last century and took three generations, including several thousand women. Had information about the beginning and the end of the childbearing period of height, weight and pressure of the ladies, as well as other vital signs of all organs and systems.

The result of processing such information does not take long: it was found that dense women of small stature were more mothers with many children than their lean colleagues. The same is found, and the ladies with low blood pressure and cholesterol levels – they also give birth to more children.

Moreover, height, weight, especially in the appearance has consistently passed on to representatives of the next generation, so the tendency to bear children persisted.

Having made a special table, the scientist concluded that ten generations of women will be the average height of less than two centimeters, but it will increase the weight per kilogram. That is, the ladies will be slightly lower and thicker than our contemporaries with you.

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