The controversy over the existence of Atlantis

Many years various editions raises a question once supposedly existed continent, inhabited by a particular race of people, characterized by high development. This continent was called Atlantis, and its disappearance due to the fact that he went under the water – in the depths of the ocean. People who have survived on small islands of land, again allegedly met with a sea monster Kraken, whose existence today, many scientists reject.

What made food for thought that inhabited Atlantis with its Atlanteans existed? It sheds light on one of the stones of Ica , where you can find not only the image of the famous ancient Indian tribes of North and South America (the name was later given of course), but also a strange land, which today is not on the map. Experts believe that this image is precisely the Atlantis, which eventually disappeared into the ocean waters.


Skeptics say that if the images on the stones of Ica really date back many thousands of years before the Christian era, then that proves the existence of Atlantis? After all, many of the  knew the outlines of the nearest coast, but proceeded further to the imagination, trying to show them the lands of the unknown. Takyj fantasies on the old maps you can find all you want, and therefore can hardly be considered an image on an ancient stone direct proof of the existence of Atlantis.


In addition, the antiquity of the images on the stones of Ica itself into question. The fact is that on some rocks displayed battle dinosaurs and humans that do not meet the letter of the modern science, as biologists and paleontologists are confident that humans and dinosaurs could not exist at the same time. Besides being on the Ica stones have images of kangaroos. It turns out that the ancient South Americans could travel to Australia, as the kangaroo – an endemic animal. But why, then, there is no image on the rock of Australia. A number of scientists believe that the most common stones remake, which was created for profit. Remakes and is considered the stone depicting the Atlantis.


Another issue that is associated with the existence or non-existence of Atlantis can be considered the question of the next civilization of Atlantis. If we assume that it was, and still is very developed, as many claim, then what led to her sudden destruction? Why Atlanteans is highly were unable to cross over to the other continents. Or modern people are the descendants of the survivors of Atlantis?

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