The biggest mysteries of cartography

The Ducan`sThis is the somewhat an ominous picture is – one of the the most of large of riddles in the stories the western cartography. Her referred to as simply Card the dunce’s hat- and till now far no one does not know the for, when, where, and by whom it was created.

The only thing that is possible to tell about her with definiteness – this is then the, that it was created somewhere in the 1580-1590 the years. But the sources of diverge even in the definition of the used in it the projection of – some argue that the this is the equidistant tapered system is, others declare, that she is more similar on a technique Mercator’s or Ortelius.

Map portrays a world of «clothed» into a traditional the entourage courtier a jester: two-horned cap with little bells and with the clownish with his staff. The face is hidden (or replaced) if the card, creating a a few an ominous and threatening feeling.

 Archetype of the Jester, submitted by here in the incarnation courtier a jester – this is the first the indicator of a certain of deep meaning, of the pledged into the map her creator. In the olden times of jester was a courtly the figure of, to whom was permitted to make fun of Sovereigns and to speak a clean the truth. This is a was a rare and of useful the possibility of in the time of the corrupting the monarchical of absolutism. But the critique of of such a kind was the is possible, only if the it had been filed under the disarmingly grotesque views of the Jester – preferably dwarf star-of the hunchback, then the there is addition, the whom impossible to perceive it too seriously.

All of this it was obvious and a well-known to people that have looked to this map in 16 century. An Inconvenient truth, which was telling that this map, lay in the fact, that the world of – this is a grim, the irrational and dangerous place, and the life in him disgusting, the is cruel and is short.

This is emphasized sayings from the biblical and of classic of sources, scattered across the all over the map. The phrase in the left part of the map reads as follows: Democritus of Abdera was laughing above the world, Heraclitus of Ephesus they mourned over him, Epihton Cosmopolite portrayed him. According to his eyebrows the hood goes the inscription About the head is, worthy of doses of of hellebore.In antiquity, the some of the plants the family of chemerichnyh were used in the as a medicament.

The reason for same of so many of problems and of strife is explained by in the quotation from of Ecclesiastes under the map of: The number of of fools infinitely. Another quote out of this very same the depressive out of of biblical books is located on the staves a jester and reads as follows:Vanity of of vanities, everything is there fuss is about. On the Lapel Pins, and adorning the shoulder strap, is inscribed still several of the same pep of sayings: About the, cares of this of the world; as a a lot of triviality of the in him», Each deprived of his of common sense, and the “All the things are vain: equal to and everyone that is living.

For some of researchers the sum of these of sayings, also as a and their image in the cartographic the entourage of the, points to a little-known Christian sect, the well-known under the name of Family of Love. It is rumored, that in the ranks of this secret the group consisted and well-known flemish cartographer Ortelius.

But the many remains the mystery, since the last part of this of cartographic puzzle piece – is the name of, written in the upper-left corner of the: Orontius Fineus. This is a name is tied with the mysterious card in 1531, depicting a free from ices and the coated by rivers Antarctica. This fact causes set of new questions. Why does that name it turned out on the map, the appeared by many decades-a later date? Could whether the this man is be a creator of this card? And it should be to recognize the, that a large part of the of meanings that can carries a themselves that this map, remain the the uttermost a mystery and till today day.

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