Ten Space facts with the words of the astronauts

03 Jun


spaceAlmost all the astronauts arriving in outer space experience, the so-called “space sickness.”  This discomfort due to the fact that the inner ear gets distorted signals.  Disease expressed headache and nausea.

2.  In zero gravity fluid in the body is moved upward, this causes nasal blockage.  Persons become somewhat puffy.  The bones lose calcium intensively.  Is slowing down the functioning of the intestine.3.  In 2001, an experiment was conducted, which showed that snoring in the world, do not snore in space.

4.  Quickly go to sleep in orbit is difficult, since the biological cycle is changing due to observation of sunrise 16 times daily.

5.  Rather, women who have fake breasts, will not be space tourists.  Specialists of the company Virgin Galactic, which is engaged in tourism in space, consider that implants may explode.

6.  Modern astronauts can use pepper for seasoning liquid and the liquid salt.  If the solid pellets disintegrate, it may scatter and get into the ventilation or nose and the eyes of the people.

7.  To use the toilet space, it must sit exactly in the middle.  Proper technique is fulfilled in a special layout, which has a camera.

8.  NASA engineers have attempted to organize a mini toilet right in the suit.  For women was to be used gynecological insert specially shaped for men tight condom.  Later this idea was abandoned and was used diapers.

9.  Immediately after returning to the earth’s surface, the astronauts can barely move his limbs.  For this reason, planting them is called the second birth.

10.  People spent long time in zero gravity say that the most difficult to get used to normal life, this is something that objects fall when you release them.

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