Samara Bend-the most active of anomalous zones in the world

20 Jun

Samara ZoneSamara Bend is now regarded as one of the most active of anomalous zones in the world. According to experts, in the last 10 years it has happened more than a thousand of the paranormal.

For example, eyewitnesses say that repeatedly encountered such phenomena as the “cat’s paw” – a few luminous lights that can be seen on the Zhiguli mountains, and the “cat’s ears” – low beams of light that appear as if from nowhere. Also, they say, are not uncommon in the here and meeting with Bigfoot. And saw him quite educated and sane people. For example, one of the meetings took place in autumn 1950 in the woods near the present Togliatti. In July of 1977 – an update on the meeting with the creature. A resident Zhigulyovsk, having gone into the forest, looking up from the satellite, suddenly felt a presence. Turning around, she saw being two meters tall, covered with hair, he had deep-set eyes.

Another anomaly – in the village of Woods a few years ago for the first time in our region have been seen on the ovals abnormal grain fields. This phenomenon is really a paranormal claim ufologists. In addition, experts say, are very fond of our seats and UFOs, regularly appearing here. Much in the Samara Bend meets and other paranormal phenomena.

Home glory Tolyatti Samara region and brought such natural features of the Samara Bend, White Stone as a rock, the ravine Goblin, Castle, Shamanic clearing and, of course, the mountain Svetelka. It is said that desire, thought on it, have a habit of coming true. There is a belief that some people climb the mountain, getting better love life, someone unlucky in affairs or career, new knowledge, and someone even begins to read minds. It turns out that for the above objects the border fault of two geological plates. It is believed that this situation gives a powerful geomagnetic radiation. According these places have become a Mecca for pilgrims and scholars from around the world.

Rock of White Rock has long been regarded as the place where “the road goes from nowhere to nowhere, and time can do nothing.” It happens that people have got there noticed that while there flows a little differently than in “our” space. They felt that they had been in this place for a few hours, but in reality the days. It is said that once the young hunter went to a rock three days wandered into a ravine Leshem that protects the White Stone from the south. Came out gray, do not tell anyone where he was and that he had seen. And then left out of these places. It is said that, having gone to that place, people sometimes fall as if in a different reality, in other places, other nature, where they had not previously visited. Well, still here as a team suddenly disabled and also suddenly start working again mobile phones and television cameras.

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