Red Square can disappear all the graves

Red Square may be exempt from all graves and move them into the open in Mytishchi Federal Military Memorial Cemetery. Immured in the Kremlin wall urns containing the ashes will be moved to a special Pantheon of 150 columbarium niches, decorated with red granite.

At the memorial in Mytishchi created special columbarium for possible reburial, told ” Interfax “lead author of the Federal Military Memorial Cemetery artist Sergei grief.

A decision on this matter will be taken by the government. Buried near the Kremlin wall-known leaders of the Communist Party, military leaders, astronauts. The necropolis, which later became the center of the Mausoleum of Lenin in operation since November 1917. In all, 116 people buried in the walls, most of them cremated. The last rested near the Kremlin Soviet Defense Minister, Marshal Dmitri Ustinov, this happened in 1984.

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