Molebsky triangle-Perm Anomalous Zone

Ural villageThe junction of the Perm region and the Sverdlovsk region.  A famous geomagnetically area known as the Triangle Molebsky or Perm Anomalous Zone, located in front of the village, on the left bank of the river Sylva.  At one time it was a holy place for the people of Mansi, here was located Prayer stone on which performs the rite of sacrifice, from which came the name of the village.


In the 80-ies of the last century, this settlement thundered across the country.  In 1983, during the winter hunting Permian geologist Emile Bachurin found in the snow next round with a diameter of 62 meters according to some sources in the 30’s of the XIX century, farmers have described a variety of vehicles that they have seen over the “zone”.


Since that time, “Molebsky triangle” dominates the minds of many people: here there are “snow” man flying a UFO, and the glowing orbs and other bodies “plasmids”, demonstrating the reasonableness of conduct.  Studies conducted by numerous amateur and professional expeditions revealed the presence of a zone of high dowsing anomalies.


Location are well known foreign apologists’ and tourists, and every year thousands of “pilgrims” come here to partake of the unknown, or, at worst, just talk to each other on the “outrageous” theme.  The number of tourists has exceeded all limits, zone just “trample”, and to conduct any serious research in this area has become almost impossible.  In particular, there were cases of fraud alleged traces of UFO sightings in the comic to make the tourists.

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