Christopher Columbus – the son of the Polish king?

07 Jun

ColumbusPortuguese historian Manuel Rosa in his book launched a new version, to slightly open, in his opinion, the mystery of the birth, life and achievements of one of the most famous travelers – Christopher Columbus.

It is known that for several centuries, researchers have puzzled over where actually born Christopher Columbus. For the title of his home to fight in Greece, France, Portugal. But for now, the official version is that Columbus – an Italian born in Genoa. Again, it remains a mystery why the great discoverer conceals their origin. Rumors also have come down to the present day state that this is due to the fact that at various times, Columbus was a secret agent of Portuguese kings.

In the opinion of Manuel Rosa, father of Christopher Columbus is the Polish King Vladislav III, who was killed, as was previously believed in his final battle with the army of the Ottoman Empire at Varna in 1444 and lived in exile in Madeira. Mother of a Columbus historian, believes the local aristocrat, whom he married the deposed king.

In favor of his theory Rosa leads the similarity in appearance of Columbus and Wladyslaw III. In addition, Columbus had deep knowledge, including geography, astronomy, shifrografii, exact sciences, which can be explained only by the well-educated, self-taught and not by chance, as is commonly believed in his case.

Interestingly, in favor of the validity of their conclusions about the relationship of the Polish king and explorer, scientist gives another reason: in his view, both in portrait depicted in the same doublet.

To prove or lose faith in the new theory can be only one way – to exhume the remains of Vladislav III and Columbus for DNA testing.

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