Bulgarian Stonehenge

08 Jun

StonehengeNear the village Ohoden that is located near the Bulgarian town of Vratsa, in the course of archaeological excavations have found building, which presumably is the Temple of the Sun, and was used by ancient creators for astronomical observations.

Of the researchers report it is clear that the age structure is determined by about 8,000 years. That is, this temple is about 3000 years older than the world-famous Stonehenge.


Unlike the British-built, which is probably also used as an observatory, the Bulgarian church was dug into the ground and had the shape of a crescent.

Based on the artifacts found here, such as clay and stone disks, which symbolize the sun, this place was used not only to calculate the most suitable for planting and harvesting time, but also to conduct rituals and sacrifices in the name of the Sun.

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