Ancient city found with a laser

Unknown cityThis is a city that lies entirely below ground for more than a thousand years, – said the Cambodia Daily cartographer and archaeologist located on the mountain of Phnom Kulen in Siem Reap province.

Scientists have used helicopters equipped with laser radars. Scan air has helped discover an ancient city and make it a detailed map, including the streets, canals and temples. The technology allows you to get an accurate model of the ground surface, hidden from the eyes of almost impenetrable rain forest.

The technology is in the area irradiated with laser beam pulses which are followed continuously at high speed. Most of the light reflects and absorbs the foliage, but part of it still reaches the ground is reflected from it, and is captured on-board receiver.

Scientists have suggested why the city was abandoned. According to them, the reason probably lies in the peculiarities of terrain. “We assume that people were forced to leave the city because of severe environmental conditions: dry forest, the water was gone,” – noted the researchers.

Technology previously used in studies ofStonehengeand the Mayan cities. By the way, recently discovered by laser city that in the XVI century. Unsuccessfully tried to find the conquistadors. It’s about theWhiteCity, its location, archaeologists did not disclose for fear of invasion looters.

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