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07 Jun

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Everyone knows Stonehenge, but not everyone knows what is the Arch. Actually, we can say that the arch – it’s Russian hendzh probably even more

enigmatic than his English brother. What is so surprising is the place in the Chelyabinskregion?

 First of all, we note that all the same in common with Stonehenge Arch. This is certainly an amazing layout of the place, which is a model of the universe, with the ring structures. Entry and exit to the ancient city strictly oriented to the cardinal points, and the plan is much more accurate than that of the Neolithic buildings in the UK.It is worth noting that it can be traced to no more than an example of astronomical phenomena, such as periods of low and high-moon phase, equinox.

 It is remarkable, and the place itself Arkaima facilities, which is the most powerful in the Russian geoanomalnoy zone. The area where is located the ancient city is surrounded by low mountains, each of which has unique properties of human exposure. The most famous is the Bald Mountain(Shaman), which focuses positive energy coming out, apparently out of the fault in the earth’s crust. Its opposite is the mountain Rooks or grace, to be where the people are extremely undesirable, as it can adversely affect mental health.

 According to the Chairman of the Academy of Sciences of Culture of Ancient and Medieval Russia Valery Chudina, the places that were studied, and where there is access to tourists, are relatively safe. At the same time, he reported on the existence of another Arkaima, which for unknown reasons, the local people are trying to get round. What place is this, and what are his secrets are hidden, scientists still find it difficult to explain.

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