A collision with Nibiru in 2013

02 Jun

nibiruWhat is the planet Nibiru does not make sense to describe it, and so probably everyone knows, but when she prophesied by close to Earth? Perhaps all the natural disasters and cataclysms that our planet is going through is the harbingers of this approximation So at the moment we have two dates catastrophic convergence of the Earth to the planet Nibiru. 1)July 21, 2013. 2)February 14, 2013. First Date 21 July 2013 appeared 29 May 2013, and its source is not well understood. Information has gone from the western sites that link to the online newspaper of Kenya. Briefly describe Laid information there, the alleged NASA scientists unofficially confirmed this information, but no names and surnames are not specified, and a little doubtful that NASA scientists have shared this information with friends from Kenya. Next is the mention of a woman from Wisconsin named Nancy. Nancy realized her contract status and potential of the “transmitter” messages Zeta in 1993 and since then broadcasts under the name of ZetaTalk. But while Nancy and insists that the planet X is already in the solar system and all the disasters connected with it coming – no exact date it does not have and not including the date of July 21, 2013. Second date February 14, 2013 year , for the first time surfaced Dec. 5, 2011, and in this respect is more interesting, though its source is also unclear. The information appeared in the newspaper “Neutral”: The fate of our civilization could change by next year – the Earth is rapidly impending Nibiru, which in ancient times was called devil planet. Scientists are even afraid to imagine what impact this proximity to the Earth. But February 14, 2013 something will happen for sure. On this day the Earth will pass between Nibiru and the sun – because of the slope of the displacement of the magnetic poles of our planet will change. So, the strongest earthquake and tsunami powerful Earthlings virtually assured. At the same time moving away from the Earth in its orbit of Nibiru will begin only afterJuly 1, 2014. Early as 1983, Devil planet, a mysterious planet, documented Americans Thomas Van Flanderns and Richard Harrington. They determined that it has a highly elliptical orbit, its mass is between two and five Earth masses, and the distance from the Sun – about 14 billion kilometers. Another American scholar – Alan Alford has said that the planet Nibiru exists an advanced civilization, with more than three hundred thousand years. Astronomy Official claims that Nibiru does not exist. But some astronomers around the world are sure that these statements – from despair. After slow approach of Nibiru to Earth, preventing future disasters, no one can. Perhaps the key information is contained in the earth, slow approach of Nibiru to Earth, preventing future disasters, no one can , and indeed it is. There Nibiru or not – we do not know yet, but if it becomes known, then change the situation and avoid the loss of humanity simply can not. Therefore, we will adhere to the principle: wait and see …

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