Trovanty living stones Romania

Stone LivingThe central and southern Romania, away from the cities, there are amazing stones. The locals have even invented a special name for them – trovanty. These stones may not only rise, but also … multiply.

In most cases, these stones are round or streamlined shape and no sharp chips. In appearance they are not much different from any other boulders, of which a lot of these places. But after the rain begins to happen with trovantami something incredible: they are like mushrooms, grow and are taken to increase in size.

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The biggest mysteries of cartography

The Ducan`sThis is the somewhat an ominous picture is – one of the the most of large of riddles in the stories the western cartography. Her referred to as simply Card the dunce’s hat- and till now far no one does not know the for, when, where, and by whom it was created.

The only thing that is possible to tell about her with definiteness – this is then the, that it was created somewhere in the 1580-1590 the years. But the sources of diverge even in the definition of the used in it the projection of – some argue that the this is the equidistant tapered system is, others declare, that she is more similar on a technique Mercator’s or Ortelius. Continue reading “The biggest mysteries of cartography”

Red Square can disappear all the graves

Red Square may be exempt from all graves and move them into the open in Mytishchi Federal Military Memorial Cemetery. Immured in the Kremlin wall urns containing the ashes will be moved to a special Pantheon of 150 columbarium niches, decorated with red granite.

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Hot dome will cover the south western United States, the heat will rise to 50 ° C

TempatureRidge of high pressure will cause a rise in temperature in most of the western United States, from Arizona and California, north to the border of the United States and Canada, according to Weather Space.

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Unsolved mystery Sakkarskoy birds

birdsSakkarskoy bird – an artifact that was found in Egypt next to the pyramid of Saqqara in 1898 during the excavation of the tomb Padimena. Artifact in the form of a small bird became the subject of many heated debates.

The fact that this little figure made of wood and scientists estimate the age of a 2200 years old. Moreover, its shape, though resembles the shape of the bird is much more in line with the aerodynamic contours of modern aircraft. Moreover, the characters on the figure means gift of Amun, and three of papyrus found next to her, mention the phrase I want to fly.

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What happened to the ancient cultures of the Sahara?

SaharaSahara– the biggest and hottest desert in the world. It is almost completely devoid of life. However, only a few thousand years ago there flourished early human civilization. Only in the last decade, we have learned what became of them.

Rock Paintings of the Sahara

For a long time the main source of our information, there were examples of Paleolithic rock art, which reflects, apparently, all aspects of life in ancient Saharans. A common feature of paintings – round head, which suggests a similar cultural origins of all these nations. Over time, the walls of caves and rock shelters appear imaging tools Bronze Age, the riders on horses, clay pots. Continue reading “What happened to the ancient cultures of the Sahara?”

The controversy over the existence of Atlantis

Many years various editions raises a question once supposedly existed continent, inhabited by a particular race of people, characterized by high development. This continent was called Atlantis, and its disappearance due to the fact that he went under the water – in the depths of the ocean. People who have survived on small islands of land, again allegedly met with a sea monster Kraken, whose existence today, many scientists reject.

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Ancient city found with a laser

Unknown cityThis is a city that lies entirely below ground for more than a thousand years, – said the Cambodia Daily cartographer and archaeologist located on the mountain of Phnom Kulen in Siem Reap province.

Scientists have used helicopters equipped with laser radars. Scan air has helped discover an ancient city and make it a detailed map, including the streets, canals and temples. The technology allows you to get an accurate model of the ground surface, hidden from the eyes of almost impenetrable rain forest.

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U.S.raises cyber war

Internet warRT-News to discuss the issues relating to cyber wars that seem ready for the new times, especially with the new viruses alleged government funded north america no among others.

all countries that are located in the U.S.list “Take steps to protect their systems of defense” and un-insured should not expect anything, “because the organization is controlled by the West and in turn by U.S. West.”

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Five ways in which the brain uses to lie to us

The BrainWe used to depend on our five basic senses, and quite forgot that they can sometimes lie: the different parts of the brain together form our perception of reality, but often it goes against common sense.

1. Your eyes can make you hear the words

When you hear someone say, all seemingly quite simple: the mouth of another person creates a sound that your ears hear. It seems that this scheme works well, what could possibly go wrong?

In fact, your eyes can deceive you: sight in most people is the dominant sense, which means that sometimes it is the eye determine what your ears hear.

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