Woman with a unique vision

28 May

unique visionThe University of Newcastle announced that they had found a woman who is tetrahomatom, that is the person who can distinguish more colors than any other person in the world. According to Digital Journal, the average person can take millions of different shades of colors. This opportunity for our eyes give special cells – cones. In the eye of the average person, there are three types of cones, these people are called trichromats. Color-blind have only two types, respectively, they are called dichromate. Almost all animals, including dogs and monkeys are dichromate. Thus scientists have long believed that there are people with four cones that can see a wider range of colors than most of us. These people are called tetrahromatami and see the hundreds of millions of colors. Those nuances that distinguish these only ones do not even have names, because the majority of people is not that they exist, and the world is not the issue puzzled. Dr. Jordan and his colleagues for 20 years, was looking for people endowed with supertsvetovym vision. According to her statements, two years ago neurologist sought out a woman in the North of England. It was the only real tetrahromatom among several others whose eyes have four cones. Gabriel Jordan said she was very excited about his discovery. But she immediately raised the question of why the other 25 study participants, though, and have a special structure of the eye, do not exhibit the ability to distinguish shades of invisible others. Neytts Jay researcher from the University of Washington, commenting on the opening of Dr. Jordan said that all women with four cones have the potential for the development of supertsvetovogo view, just that you need to do. The expert also suggested that the natural environment is likely to still set to trichromats, from tetrahromaty can not fully reveal their unique abilities. intriguing question is how they really see the world around us, still remains unanswered, because tetrahromaty simply can not describe. “It’s like trichromats try to describe how he sees the world in color-blind. He simply did not understand. Similarly, in this case, we can not even imagine it, “- experts say.

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