UFO seen over Podgorica

UFOOn Friday evening, the capital of Montenegro about 21 hours in the sky was seen an unusual object, glowing bright orange, the Evening News reported. Unidentified object, which for two minutes repeatedly changed shape and size, direction and speed, emitting at a bright light , experts in the field of astronomy and meteorology have not given an explanation.

Astronomer Igor Tchaikovsky convinced that it was not a solid object.

I’m sure it’s not an astronomical phenomenon. Movement of the object has been volatile, and no object in the sky – the stars, the planets move in this way. And meteors do not change the trajectory and speed of movement. Meteorologists usually attributed to such properties of ball lightning. Although the term is pretty vague – said Daykovich edition.

The region is not the first such case. According to a retired air force general Blagoje Grahovac pilot in the Yugoslav People’s Army in 1975, repeatedly chased UFOs over the Adriatic coast, which reached a speed of 2,000 kilometers per hour.

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