The unique attraction of Sri Lanka

12 May

attraction of Sri LankaSigiriya – which is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious attractions, not only in Sri Lanka, but the entire world!  This is the most unique and distinctive architectural monument monumental masterpiece of ancient architecture.

Erected was an amazing citadel in 477 by King Kasyapa, who thanks to his cunning usurped the throne, treacherously killed his father.  Younger brother Kasyapa decided to flee to South India to procure military reinforcements in order to avenge the murder of his father.  Usurper very afraid that revenge really overtake his brother, so I decided to build a fortress to protect himself from his righteous anger.  This power structure, it was decided to build on top of a huge 180 – meter cliff.

At the foot he ordered to put picturesque gardens.  They should have the beauty and splendor of the king hit to the extent that he was able to forget about his remorse, preventing him to enjoy power.  It is believed that in these gardens were built the world’s first fountain.  Around the rock Kasyapa founded the settlement, and brought him to the rank of the new capital of his kingdom.

Sigiriya is literally translated as “the lion’s rock.”  And this is the name of the mountain and the castle were not accidental.  In its original form the castle is very similar to the figure of a sleeping lion.  It is thought that this extraordinary building the King came up with no chance.  Leo was considered a sacred animal among the Sinhalese.  There was a legend that the entire nation is descended from some Indian Congress in whose veins flowed the blood royal, with the lion.  But the castle turned out really incredibly beautiful!

Now from it only ruins.  The younger brother of regicide with time still managed to avenge his father’s death, defeating the army of Kasyapa.  That, in order not to be given into the hands of the living terrible justice, cut his throat.  Then the brother takes the reins of the kingdom in his hand.

A capital returned to its original place in Anuradhapura.  But the ruins of the old palace hit the eye with its unique splendor!  At sunset the walls gleaming gold glitter, drowning in the mighty green wild forests.  Folk tales are not in vain has it that the famous architect of the time Vishvakarman built this castle made of pure gold.

For tourists, these ruins have kept a great many interesting sights.  Take, for Kasyapy throne on which he sat at meat, admiring her beautiful dancing concubines.  Before the entrance to the palace passed through mouth of a lion carved in the rock.  Now he has left a huge paw.  A very striking ingenuity of the ancient architects who built the structure is unbeatable!  For example, tanks, constructed in order to economize the water in them, and in our day perfectly hold it!

For many visitors to Sigiriya real revelation is the original mirrored wall.  It is located right in the rock.  During the life of the King of the wall was polished to such a degree that really gave a mirror image!  So passing by Kasyapa, could consider themselves perfectly upright.  This effect is created through a special kind of porcelain, which lined the wall.

One can not tell about the church, located at the top of the mountain, which was also a kind of art gallery that has remained to this day the most valuable frescoes, affecting its extraordinary beauty and originality.  Previously, they had covered almost the entire western side of the mountain.  Today of all this splendor kept not too much.  But the remaining murals impress with their unique style of art.

It is not surprising that the government of Sri Lanka by any means trying to keep all the attractions of this mysterious rock.  Some scientists believe that, maybe, is the legendary city called Lanka.  This city is famous for the ancient events that took place at its fortified walls, described in the ancient Indian epic “Ramayana“.

This settlement has been found by archaeologists until now.  Historians suggest that the city, dedicated to oblivion for many centuries, has been partially reconstructed over time Kasyapoy.  There are even enthusiasts who believe that there are hidden “Stargate”, through which one can make a journey to other worlds.  This topic was even developed in his science fiction novels famous writer Arthur C. Clarke, who has long lived in Sri Lanka.

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