The underwater civilization

civilizationThe mysterious underwater inhabitant’s skeptics are unlikely to show strong evidence of the existence of the seas and oceans of the unknown civilization – you never know who dreamed that … But there is a much more serious fact from which it is difficult to dismiss. They relate to meetings with the mysterious underwater vehicles of unknown origin.

In 1902, in the Gulf of Guinea, close to West Africa, the British ship “Fort Salisbury” to meet a mysterious object of enormous proportions. First noticed the watch out of the water two red lights, and picking up a pair of binoculars, a clear distinction large dark object up to 180 m in length, the ends of which were lit.


The watch called the second mate AH Raymer, and so, too, could see the mysterious object before it plunged into the depths of the ocean. Later, all the witnesses have come to the conclusion that they had seen a deep-sea vehicle. Although almost all noticed scaly surface of the mysterious object, nobody’s head is not the thought occurred that they saw an animal unknown to science. Around the object before the dive was bubbling water, apparently some kind of mechanism to function.

Reimer described in the ship’s arrival of this mysterious object as “a little scary.” He wrote: “We could not make out all the details in the dark, but the object was 500-600 feet long with two lights, one on each end. Some mechanism or maybe fins produced great excitement. We noticed that its sides are covered with scales, and then it slowly disappeared from our sight. “

What was it? Whose “Nautilus” to see the Brits? No country at that time could not create the underwater vehicle so large, and even if it has created, it would long ago have become public. Very interesting mention of the scaly surface of the object maybe that is what allows you to develop mysterious underwater vehicles in the water just incredible speeds, which just led to the astonishment of the sailors in the second half of the twentieth century.

In January 1960, the Argentine patrol vessels found in their territorial waters of the two unknown submarines gigantic proportions. One of them lying on the ground and circling around the outside. After fruitless attempts have been made to ensure that the submarine surfaced, they threw a lot of depth charges.

To the surprise of the Argentines, submarines not only survived, but emerged at high speed steel evade prosecution. It was absolutely fantastic ships. The huge spherical cabin rose above the water, the hull of submarines struck their unusual shapes.

Since these vessels clearly won unprecedented in speed and broke away from the chase, the Argentines opened fire on them from all the guns. Mysterious submarine immediately plunged into the water. With them there was something very unusual: the instruments showed that the two submarines was the first four, then – six … then all these objects have developed an incredible speed and disappeared into the depths of theAtlantic.

In 1967, the representatives ofArgentinaagain met the mysterious underwater object. Argentine merchant ship “Naviera” was in the waters of theSouth Atlantic. About10 o’clockin the morning the sailors noticed that to the ship approached the shallow cigar-shaped object, a length of about 40 meters. The surface of the mysterious apparatus covered in some mysterious dim light, constantly changing light scheme.

Here’s a transcript of the Argentine ship’s log: “20 July 1967, 120 miles off the coast of Brazil, 6 hours and 15 minutes in the afternoon. Officer Jorge Montoya reported that the vessel about the strange object. Reaching the deck, the captain saw about 50 feet away on the right side shining object. He had a cigar-shaped, its length was about 105-110 feet (36 meters). From it came a strong bluish-white light, and he did not issue any sound and did not leave a trace on the water. There was no sign of any periscope, no handrails, no towers, no add-ons – generally no protruding parts. The mysterious object was moving parallel to a quarter of an hour, “Naviera”, then quite suddenly dived passed directly beneath the boat and quickly disappeared into the depths, emitting a bright glow under water.

The velocity of the mysterious object is constantly changing, it felt good handling and maneuverability. Of course, there could be no question that the sailors saw a giant sea creature. According to the descriptions of sailors experts concluded that the Argentines are likely to have met some mysterious submarine, which is not in service, none of the countries in the world.

From the mysterious underwater vehicles, and the Americans had a chance encounter. During naval exercises in 1963 off the coast of Puerto Rico was discovered by the Americans unidentified underwater object that moved with an unusually high rate – more than 150 knots – nearly 280 miles per hour! This is three times higher than the maximum speed of submarines! The mysterious object is not only set records of speed, but also maneuvering in very deep water, several times greater than the power of modern submarines. At the same object as fast commit vertical movement, accompanied by a huge increase in pressure that if he creation of our technology, it would simply blown to pieces …

Much more dramatic events occurred during the maneuvers of the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Ocean near Indonesia, where the depth of 7.5 km reach. During maneuvers recorded acoustic noise from the submarine, which differed from the noise of boats taking part in the maneuvers. Of course, this fact is absolutely not fit into the plans of the American command, so one of the submarines were sent to a rapprochement with the unidentified boat. However, this attempt to squeeze out the stranger from the area of the maneuvers ended in tragedy – American submarine collided with an unknown submarine.

As a result, there was a strong underwater explosion. According to data received from the radar neighboring vessels, both the submarine sank. Since aboard the U.S. Navy, took part in the maneuvers, there was equipment for rescue operations at great depths, was carried descent rescue team to the primary purpose of which was part of the wreckage and search for any items with an unknown submarine.

The team managed to pick up a few pieces of metal, some of which resemble fragments of conventional submarine periscope, among them was a piece, like a piece of sheet steel casing. Work to find fragments of dead submarines had to stop a few minutes after getting on board the flagship of the findings, acoustics Navy reported that the crash site pulled 15 unidentified submarines. One of the objects reached about 200 meters long!

Frightened naval command immediately ordered to suspend maneuvers and not to respond to any potential enemy action. Appeared from nowhere submarine tightly blocked the scene of the disaster, creating a sort of “dome” that is not available for all types of radars. One of the American submarines still made an attempt to come closer to the accident, but she suddenly refused almost all devices with great difficulty she managed to make an emergency ascent.

Of course, there was an attempt to make contact with unidentified submarines, but it was fruitless. One of the unidentified submarine was separated from the rest of submarines and described a circle under the American ships, resulting in all of them have ceased to function locators, equipment and means of communication. After its removal by a considerable distance the instruments resumed work.

Only a few hours later disappeared from radar screens signals mysterious submarines. Of course, there was a new attempt to examine the place of collision, it turned out that the crash site had disappeared not only fragments of foreign submarines, but also the remains of an American submarine. At the disposal of the Americans were only fragments, which managed to raise so quickly. They studied in the laboratories of the CIA, and it was concluded that the composition of the metal of one of the fragments is not known, and some of the chemical elements in it at all unfamiliar to modern scientists. After that, all the information about the incident was classified.

In January 1965, a pilot Katie Bruce, flying over the Kaipara Harbour, north of Helensvilla in New Zealand, noticed a strange object at the bottom, at first glance, looked like a whale. Looking closer closer, the pilot concluded that under it the submarine length of about 100 feet rather strange designs. He reported this to the services of the Navy of New Zealand, but he was told that the object can not be a submarine, as a submarine in the area are not available, and even at low tide in the area is too small.

Most likely, the pilot saw one of the submarines, the inhabitants of the ocean.

In 1972, the Norwegian patrol boats found in the territorial waters of the country unknown submarine. All attempts to enter into contact with it and to determine its membership ended in vain. Amazed that an unknown submarine was moving at a speed of about 150 knots (250-280 km / h)! This is despite the fact that the maximum speed of most modern nuclear submarine reaches only 80 km / h

Having received no response to their requests, the Norwegians with the NATO naval patrol attempted to destroy the submarine. After the volley produced a mysterious submarine sank almost instantly to a depth of about 3 kilometers x and disappeared from radar screens. It should be noted that the maximum depth of nuclear submarines only about 2 km, so that all attempts to blame for the incident of the USS Rended in failure.

One should not think that after 60-70 s. Of the twentieth century in the oceans and seas stopped watching the strange objects, just their origin became increasingly associated with aliens. Is this true? It is unlikely, though, of course, and the alien ships, too, can contribute to the statistics of the observations of mysterious underwater objects.

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