The most famous cave.


Cave – a natural cavity in the upper layer of the earth’s crust, which communicate

Nearly all adventure novels, there are caves, it is an essential attribute of such works. After all, there reigns a mysterious darkness, echoing and false echoes, and the light from the torches and lanterns are not able to fully overcome the darkness. In the caves before the robbers were hiding, they hid their treasures pirates took them through the underground passage that connects a remote location. Folk beliefs also endowed these places of all kinds of evil spirits – from ancient nymphs to Scandinavian trolls.s with the ground by one or more outlets, passable to humans. The largest cave – the complex system of passages and halls, often the total length of up to several tens of kilometers. Cave – the object of study speleologii. Nemaly contribution to the study of caves make speleoturisty.

 Truly, in caves rarely boils such a fascinating life – here are usually calm and quiet, and the main treasures are stalactites. Their bizarre shapes give a special flavor underground voids. Tell you about those caves that stand out among all others in the volumes and the beauty that causes serious interest among tourists.

Melissino Cave,Greece. Kefallonia secluded island is the largest of the Ionian Sea. Here, a fitting atmosphere – lush landscapes with clean beaches, delicious wine and ancient monasteries. And the island is famous for its caves, Melissino – the most beautiful of them. Only now the inexorable nature of time and made a cave full of holes – after the earthquake dome partially collapsed and now into the sunlight penetrates. However, this is only a decoration to embellish underground. Now the lake in the cave of sunlight shining through, visitors can admire the beautifully clear water blue hue. But you can not drink it – it is salty, as coming out of the sea on the hidden channels. This place long before the tourists has chosen the ancient Greek priests who arranged here sanctuary of the god Pan. Quite a few around the cave and legends, and how can Greecedo without them? It is said that in the underground lake drowned nymph Melissa. The cause of her death is referred to as coldness to her Pan, or his betrayal, and perhaps vice versa, persistent harassment. Once in this position, it is best to take a ride on the lake by boat. The closest town to the cave – Sami, and you can get here by bus, next to the capital Kefallonia, Argostoli.

 Jama Postojna,Slovenia. Name “Postojna” is translated from the Slovenian means “The Inn” and “pit” and do not need to translate. “Postojna Jama” – is the biggest cave in Slovenia and one of the largest in Europein general. Here, underground galleries were spread for 20 kilometers. Nature has created such beauty in the depths of the limestone Karst Plateau river with a beer. However, despite its name, the cave has never acted as a coaching inn. But already in the XIX century it was landscaped specifically for tourists. Here there was electricity and the world’s first cave railway. Train overcomes 7 kilometers past the unusual stalactites and stalagmites, the way forward has to make on foot. The largest room in the cave called Concert, not surprising that there was once even a whole conference was held cavers. Interesting and local bodies of water, because there are found even living beings – proteas. They have no eyes, they look like a mixture of an albino lizards and worm. Proteas are distant relatives of salamanders. Having been there, wait for Russian bridge, built after the First World War the hands of Russian prisoners of war specifically for the Austrians. Not far from here is the town of Postojna, but it will get from Ljubljana- the bus gets here in an hour.

 Marble Cave,Ukraine.Plateau Crimean Mountain Chater-Dag is literally strewn with wells, mines and caves. The most famous place here -Marble Cave. Popularity was brought to her large size (length – Bole two kilometers) and attractive surroundings. Visitors first enter the room .You can see Santa Claus, mammoth and Frog Princess. In the next room – the Palace is created by the miraculous nature of the royal couple, along with his entourage. Also in the cave there are Hall of Perestroika. It is not clear why it was so named because its main attraction, which was once found bones of cave bears. All the incredible beauty can be bypassed for an hour, for the people here are special paths of sinter. In the cave you can find even a pearl that is formed from the fallen in a puddle of water small stalactites. Although the pearls of no value and is not, but it looks interesting. Closest to the caves is the village of Marmara, and you can get here by taxi from Yalta.

 Athos Cave,Russia. This education in Abkhazia is one of the largest in the world. The cave is located in the mountains near Apsarskoy Athos monastery, and that it owes its name. In the cave there are nine large rooms, ceiling height up to 100 meters. Inside the cave lakes in addition there are plenty of stalactites in the shape of a jellyfish, deer and fantastic creatures. This is an unusual place was open in the middle of the XX century. In the cave is a failure, called the Bottomless pit. Although he was known by locals for a long time, but only in 1961 caver Givi Smir decided to explore this place. Today, to get to the cave is much easier than it was then. In summer it runs underground railway, tourists, even her name is a joke Abkhaz subway. The train runs between the three stations, but more will have to go on foot, on a specially laid out paths. Rooms were recently renamed for political reasons – Hall of Georgian cavers became Hall of cavers and Sukhumi Hall – Hall named Givi Smir. Many tourists like to shout loudly at the center of the hall Aphyartsa – because there is great and resounding echo. The closest thing to a cave rasplozhen city of New Afon, and here it would be better to get out of Sochi and Adler in the taxi. On the way around the river Psou will cross the border with Abkhazia.

Kungurskaya Cave,Russia. This place is the pride of the Urals, the cave itself is hidden in the depths of the Ice Mountain. It’s pretty cool, in some remote caves of the temperature did not rise above 0, is there anything in the winter -30 ° C. This unique climate has led to the appearance of a rather rare jewelry – crystal of multi-year ice. To make it even more spectacular views, laser light is present here, in particular under the arches of the Arctic and the Diamond grottoes. For tourists in the cave and ice sculptures are created by a person already. But no current Naledi this place is famous for, and here there are quite traditional beauty – stalagmites, stalactites, and about 70 lakes here. The largest of them, the large lake, it takes almost half a square kilometer. However, the cold did not hinder present in the cave living creatures once lived here and the people. It is said that the cave was once the Crusade hermit hut. This theory suggests there and dug a well, and finds someone here recently bast. In the cave there is arranged Coral bar, where you can mark the descent. The closest town to the cave – Kungur, and you can get here by bus from Yekaterinburg, the road will take 5 hours.

 Reed flute cave,China. At the heart of the ancient city is located Guangxi Guilin. The terrain here is very picturesque, crowded around the limestone cliffs of the crag. Their companions are traditionally the karst caves, of which around Guilinset. The most beautiful of them – the reed flute cave. She got her name because of the swollen near its entrance cane. It is believed that from the stems of this plant are obtained in China, most melodious flute. Let the dungeon and not a huge – its length of 500 meters, but nature is enough job on the interior design. Even the Chinese have decided to complement the experience colorful illumination. As a result, caves resemble the palace gardens and halls, the only places trees and columns then took the stalagmites and stalactites. In one of the halls of tourists are attracted to the underground lake, and the other is striking a giant stalactite Staff of the King of Dragons. He supported the vault of the hall Crystal Palace, there can simultaneously accommodate nearly 1,000 people. The guides claim that stray tourists can get lost in time. It is said that one idler spent here three years, although it seemed to him that it took several hours. Closest to the cave is located city of Guilin, the same way from Beijing takes half of the day.

 Mammoth Cave, USA.’s Funny, but in a cave just did mammoths and never did things like that. Just the English word mammoth also means “huge”. In XIX century in the state of Kentucky under Flint Ridge was discovered this cave. At first it was mined saltpeter, but once depleted reservoir and a businessman bought the place. It is with the help of the servants tried to explore the depths of the dungeon, but have failed. By the beginning of XX century in the cave was discovered as much as 5 stages and more than 200 caves, galleries and passages. Their total length was as much as 500 miles away! The end of this underground country had still not been found. That’s just not  a special beauty or miracles. Its arches are made of red limestone, which forms a little sag, so there is less curly stalactites than in other caves, a lot more modest in size. Visual range, though poor, but places are called longitudinally loudly – one of the corridors is called Broadway, and an underground river -Styx. However, there is something that guides show guests happy – stone sculpture resembling a profile of George Washington’s mother. That tourists are not allowed on the walls of the autographs they provide a special Hall of Records Solid guests can not leave the wall inscription, and the venerable card.Kentucky’s largest city,Louisville’s here can be reached by car in about 4-5 hours, and the closest to the cave is located in Brownsville.

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