Stone wonders of the Valley of Ghosts

StoneSecrets of the Stone Wonders Valley of Ghosts Demerji opened Nicholas Blaga, assistant professor of geography and morphology of the Tauride National University. Many tourists believe that the stone pillars that are in the Valley of Ghosts, appeared in the process of weathering, as this is constantly reported in the regional literature.

Scientists claim that the stone buildings appeared in the tectonic fractures. Nicholas Blaga within 4 years of conducting research in this zone, and the specialist said that the stone pillars were lined up clear parallel lines, like walls. Under the influence of climatic processes tectonic fissures deepened and expanded. Over millions of years, going through the process of mountain building, and rock formations squeezed each other. In an effort to free him, cracked stones, similar process took place with stone walls in the Demerji, in this case, it was easier to crack perpendicular to the tectonic fractures. And then later in the wind, sun, frost, water, stone structures polished and turned into bizarre sculptures.

In this part of the pillars have been formed completely, while others – only to the middle of its formation and the need for the millennium. Also in this area one can see the beginning of the birth of the future stone figure. The age of the oldest pillars up to 50 thousand years.

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