Humanity grows stupid with each generation

22 May

HumanityWith every new century humanity becomes less clever and creative.  This conclusion was made by British scientists analyzed the rate of the reaction of people who lived in the Victorian era, and our contemporaries.

According to the study, the rate of general intelligence has been steadily declining.  In 1889, the rate of reaction in men was 183 milliseconds to 2000.  This figure dropped to 253 milliseconds.  The same trend was observed in women – the speed of perception for the fairer sex has fallen from 188 to 261 ms over the same period.

According to The Telegraph, diminished reflexes also indicates a decline in the overall intelligence quotient (IQ).  His record of each decade is down 1.23 points, in general, from 1880 it fell by 14 points.

The scientists said they did not have to directly compare IQ level representatives from different eras since the capacities of modern people in education, medicine, and food is much better than previous generations.  However, according to them, the high rate of reaction in people in the Victorian era means that they are more creative and inventive.

“The reduction of intelligence, can most likely lead back to the indicators from which people started during natural selection,” – said study author Dr. Michael Woodley.  According to him, the intellect of modern man is getting poorer because of natural selection, because we now have smart burn far fewer children than those with low intelligence.

“This is a very intriguing study, which seems to refute the theory that the last three or four generations of people have become smarter” – quoted by a Daily Mail Doctor of Psychology James Thompson.  He added that the results of this study are alarming and require further study.

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