Court has recognized the existence of a third gender

genderAustralian Court of Appeal for the first time in the jurisprudence admitted the existence of the third floor in addition to the female and male. It is reported by The Sydney Morning Herald. 52-year-old activist Norrie was achieved by the court, that the word “sex” does not involve only two values – men and women. A panel of 3 judges ruled in anonymously. Married in 2010, describes he as a neutral, was registered as a human being whose gender is indeterminate.

But he was informed that the decision was made in error and obtainable to make a decision. In reply, an activist sue his claim was rejected, but the second time appealed. Now Norrie got the right not to designate their gender as male or female (“M” or “F”) at the Public Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. The case was referred to the Tribunal, which decide how the registry be supposed to be indicated with the floor if he is not male and not female. Passports Australian citizens have the right to put the letter “X” instead of “M” or “F” in the box floor. This option is used by transgender and inters sex activists demonstration for the elimination of gender differences.

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