Court has recognized the existence of a third gender

genderAustralian Court of Appeal for the first time in the jurisprudence admitted the existence of the third floor in addition to the female and male. It is reported by The Sydney Morning Herald. 52-year-old activist Norrie was achieved by the court, that the word “sex” does not involve only two values – men and women. A panel of 3 judges ruled in anonymously. Married in 2010, describes he as a neutral, was registered as a human being whose gender is indeterminate. Continue reading “Court has recognized the existence of a third gender”

Stone wonders of the Valley of Ghosts

StoneSecrets of the Stone Wonders Valley of Ghosts Demerji opened Nicholas Blaga, assistant professor of geography and morphology of the Tauride National University. Many tourists believe that the stone pillars that are in the Valley of Ghosts, appeared in the process of weathering, as this is constantly reported in the regional literature.

Scientists claim that the stone buildings appeared in the tectonic fractures. Nicholas Blaga within 4 years of conducting research in this zone, and the specialist said that the stone pillars were lined up clear parallel lines, like walls. Under the influence of climatic processes tectonic fissures deepened and expanded. Continue reading “Stone wonders of the Valley of Ghosts”

The Atacama found ancient structures

AtacamaIn one of the most barren deserts on Earth – the Atacama Desertin Chile discovered ancient buildings. The first discovery of the said 79-year-old Holly Ahlberg, noticed an unusual structure with the help of maps Google Earth, reports Popular Archaeology. With the help of this service is not the first time made similar discoveries. So with the help of Google Earth have previously been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

About the strange structures in the Atacama Desert, perhaps no one except the ones Holly Ahlberg would have known if it had not announced the opening of an archaeologist Lloyd Pi, who learned of the discovery, he decided to equip a small expedition. It consisted of a few people, including a specialist in unmanned vehicles. Continue reading “The Atacama found ancient structures”

The mysteries of the Mayan language

Mayan SymboleThe language of the ancient Mayan symbol for a long time, but in these days of the Internet helps them to complete this titanic work and write the history of this mysterious Meso-American civilization.

For centuries, scientists have little understanding of the Mayan records, but their elegant astronomical and calendar calculations. Maya dominated much of Central America and southern Mexico for thousands of years before their civilization mysteriously disappeared for about 600 years before the Spanish conquistadors. Continue reading “The mysteries of the Mayan language”

The most famous cave.


Cave – a natural cavity in the upper layer of the earth’s crust, which communicate

Nearly all adventure novels, there are caves, it is an essential attribute of such works. After all, there reigns a mysterious darkness, echoing and false echoes, and the light from the torches and lanterns are not able to fully overcome the darkness. In the caves before the robbers were hiding, they hid their treasures pirates took them through the underground passage that connects a remote location. Folk beliefs also endowed these places of all kinds of evil spirits – from ancient nymphs to Scandinavian trolls. Continue reading “The most famous cave.”

Woman with a unique vision

unique visionThe University of Newcastle announced that they had found a woman who is tetrahomatom, that is the person who can distinguish more colors than any other person in the world. According to Digital Journal, the average person can take millions of different shades of colors. This opportunity for our eyes give special cells – cones. In the eye of the average person, there are three types of cones, these people are called trichromats. Color-blind have only two types, respectively, they are called dichromate. Almost all animals, including dogs and monkeys are dichromate. Continue reading “Woman with a unique vision”

Most Wonders of the USSR

the USSRThe Pacific Ocean to the middle of Europe rose aimed into space enormous antenna and hid in the forests of top secret military bunkers. Through the collapse of the Union of the content of more of these objects are frail heirs could not afford. Yes and no interest in science newly formed young states, and the task was assigned to the defense of the borders of powerful neighbors.

Here are just a few of the thousands of plants hidden in the mountains and forests of secret and not-so objects that characterize all the power of the collapsed empire. But this is only the least valuable, were not in demand in the period of the division of property between the sister republics once.

Continue reading “Most Wonders of the USSR”

Legends of the inhabitants of the sea

Under waterA  multi-colored creature: the head, hands and feet – purple and the skin, Draped like a cloak – gray and phosphorescent – described the underwater inhabitant in a science fiction story, “In the depths” noted Wells. If the writer in this small work just gave free rein to his imagination, the Japanese fishermen are quite sure that in the coastal waters of Japan live humanoid amphibians. Call them kappa, and on the back of their shell, like a turtle.

 Not only in Japan, can talk about the mysterious underwater inhabitants, the mention of them be found in the myths of many peoples of the world. On clay tablets of ancient Sumer, for example, are mentioned race poluryba half people that live in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Continue reading “Legends of the inhabitants of the sea”

The underwater civilization

civilizationThe mysterious underwater inhabitant’s skeptics are unlikely to show strong evidence of the existence of the seas and oceans of the unknown civilization – you never know who dreamed that … But there is a much more serious fact from which it is difficult to dismiss. They relate to meetings with the mysterious underwater vehicles of unknown origin.

In 1902, in the Gulf of Guinea, close to West Africa, the British ship “Fort Salisbury” to meet a mysterious object of enormous proportions. First noticed the watch out of the water two red lights, and picking up a pair of binoculars, a clear distinction large dark object up to 180 m in length, the ends of which were lit.

  Continue reading “The underwater civilization”

Life on Mars-What it will be like?

MarsThe first flight to Mars has attracted more than 78,000 applicants for only two weeks of applying. Thus, if the flight is successful, what will happen to those who will be selected for the flight? Is it dangerous? Life on Mars is comparable to the promotion of the Antarctica, with similar problems, according to the Mars One. The average temperature is -50 degrees Celsius (-58 F). The colonization of Mars will be developed in a similar way as on the basis of the research, and on the cold continent were created livelihoods. Based on the solar panels will be used for energy, and will be re-used as much as possible materials. Continue reading “Life on Mars-What it will be like?”