USA free a new hundred dollar bill

hundred dollarThe financial power of the United States introduced into circulation a new 100-dollar bill. She lost the once traditional green and acquired new forms of protection. The new bill was supposed to appear as early as 2010.

The new 100 dollar banknote in circulation from October 8, 2013. Owners of old-style banknotes can not worry: they will remain in circulation, they do not need to be exchanged for new ones, to recall them too, no one is going.

Design banknotes are quite change. Most importantly, now $ 100 can not be called green. Now the bill is dominated by blue, gray and orange. From now on, note there are additional elements that enhance its protection against counterfeiters. Remained unchanged portrait of Benjamin Franklin.

First, a three-dimensional blue ribbon, vertically crossing the bill. It is not printed and woven into the paper. Second, turning the bill, you can see how the image of her bells varies with the number 100. When tilting some of the items shown on the bill, change color: added in ink (on the right of the portrait of Benjamin Franklin) bell flowers poured from copper to green and vice versa. In addition, there were additional watermarks, micro printing in more places.

All of these innovations have increased the cost of production of banknotes from 11 to 14 cents, transfers Finmarket. But the U.S. Federal Reserve is forced to go to such expense, as it faced the need to increase the protection of banknotes from counterfeiters. At the moment, continuing production of the old counterfeit banknotes made with extraordinary precision.

According to enforcement and their production is concentrated in North Korea. These bills ordinary eyes cannot distinguish from the real thing, a professional examination. According to the U.S. Secret Service – the agency in charge of the control of the purity of the U.S.currency, counterfeit dollars in circulation is not much, just a fraction of a percent. But in the country continue to arrive high-counterfeiting from overseas.

The new bill was developed in 2003. The old banknotes will be gradually withdrawn as they pass through the Federal Reserve. The updated bill was to enter into circulation in 2010, but it did not happen. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing U.S. Treasury Department reported at the time that the printing of new banknotes had to be stopped due to a technical failure in the equipment.

Some of them have even been printed, but received during the marriage, making them unusable. In the report, the inspector who checked the work of the Bureau and the cause of the problem, which leads Bloomberg, said about 1.4 billion new bills that have not adopted the Federal Reserve.

At the moment, the U.S. dollar is the most common currency in the world. It even serves as the main currency in some countries. Total outstanding is 1.18 trillion dollars in cash. Over the past 5 years, the number of dollars in circulation increased by 42%. And this despite the fact that the amount of cash circulation in the United States leaves 7% of GDP.

And the most popular of bank notes is $ 100. According to official data, up to two-thirds of hundred-dollar bills circulate outside the United States. By the end of 2012 the volume of printed dollar bills amounted to 863 billion dollars, that is, total outstanding was 8.63 billion banknotes worth $ 100.

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