The prophecy of the end times

23 Apr

prophecy The earth will mourn, mourn and sea and air, and the sun will mourn, mourn, and wild beasts, along with the birds, the mountains and the hills shall mourn, and the trees of the field – and it’s all thanks to the human race, because all deviated from the Holy God and believed the seducer, to take a picture of this wicked enemy of God and instead of life-giving Cross of the Savior

St. Hippolytus of Rome : “Painful life then all the earth will mourn, mourn and sea and air, and the sun will mourn, mourn, and wild beasts, along with the birds, the mountains and the hills shall mourn, and the trees of the field – and all thanks to the human race, because all deviated from a holy God, and believe in the seducer, to take a picture of this wicked enemy of God and instead of life-giving Cross of the Savior.


I will weep for the Church and the great tribulation.  After all, the (then) will not commit any offerings or incense, no life that is pleasing to God, but the church building will be like huts for storing fruits, will not be carried up in those days, and the precious Body and Blood of Christ.  Public worship ceases cement singing hymns, reading scripture will not be heard: and darkness will come for people to sob and sob, and moaning for moaning.  Will then throw the roads silver and gold, and no one will collect them, and all will become repulsive.  In fact, all that will try to run away and hide, and yet not be able to escape the wrath of nowhere opponent as bearing his mark, they can easily be detected and recognized by. “

Svsch.  Martyr.  Hermogenes writes: “The second sin is to be unforgiving in the world during the reign of the Antichrist, as some people will get the stamp of his sensitive to the forehead or right hand.  After this seal will not apologize to anyone.  God’s wrath and all of nature armed, and they will be tormented here, on earth as it is in hell. “

The Elder Kirill (Pavlov) says, “because once a person realizes that he has assigned a number, it should not exercise its consent, that is,  should not put their name and receive a license, and if you have already signed it, took it, and now only realized his big mistake, then let him write three statements with renunciation (the Ministry of Taxes, the place of work and place of residence).  But the main thing – he repents as he can, and confess the sin before the true spiritual father.  Suppose, as I said, all my life trying to bring the Petrine repentance. “

St. Cosmas Etalos predicted a third world war.  He described it short and terrible, that it will begin in Dalmatia (Serbia).

The Elder Matthew Bresthena predicted: “In the resurrection of Russia will be the third world war, and it will begin in Yugoslavia.”

Yugoslavia in 1999, was turned into a real testing ground to test the technology of building a “new world order”.  The progress and results of this dirty war waged by mercenaries world government of NATO countries, is known throughout the world.  Systematically destroyed Orthodox shrines of the Serbian people – exploded chapels, temples and monasteries were destroyed, desecrated cemeteries, and in the days of Lent bombs and warheads of missiles that destroyed the shrines and residential apartments were equipped with inscriptions: “Happy Easter!”

Venerable.  Laurence of Chernigov predicted: “There will be world war.  There will be a strong bomb that iron will burn the stones melt.  Fire and smoke dust will be up to the sky.  The earth will burn.  People will be very little, and the third world war will be not to repent, and to destroy. “

Venerable.  Seraphim Vyritsky predicted: “There will come a time when Russia is torn apart into pieces.  First, it will be shared, and then begin to plunder the wealth.  West will do everything to facilitate the destruction of Russia and give it to the eastern part of China.  Far East will be hogging the Japanese, and Siberia – the Chinese, who will move to Russia to marry Russian and eventually guile and cunning will take the territory of Siberia to the Urals … “

In the original Greek texts say about the great northern country, as the name Rus’ was not yet known.  They spoke about the great battle between “Israelis” (ie, Orthodox Christians) and the “Ishmaelites” (ie, southern, Muslim nations, who will start the great campaign against the Christians).  When would seem that Christians have no salvation out of nowhere, suddenly rise up “King of the Greek” (in the sense of – Orthodox), and “with great fury” crush enemies.  For a short time on earth shall be peace and prosperity, a short silence, which was predicted in the Apocalypse, after which it is to be the end of the world.

The elder Anthony said: “The threshold of the coming of the Antichrist – the chaos in the lives of almost all countries.  In prosperity will be those who, because of religious belief, waiting for the coming of lzhemissii.  First of all, it is the Jews and the Muslims. “

“The third result – Europe.  What else could make it together, if not global war.  And now, we can assume that this is one country, from Turkey to Norway.  All will be united – the government, the money, the laws.  All agreed with the United States, that an overall association was no friction …  When he does come (Antichrist), and now everything is ready, complete centralization, izochten and all the people, each a number and card, and in it all the way down to the attitudes and outlook. “

Elder Paisios predicted: “In Constantinople, the war will occur between Russian and Europeans, and shed a lot of blood.”

St..  Theophane the Recluse said: “West and punished, and God will punish us … and our sense is not taken.  Stuck in the mud on the western ears, and all is well.  There are eyes but do not see, have ears but do not hear, and does not mean the heart. “

Predicting St. Methodius of Patara: “Arise Christian knee and will ratoborstvovat with basurmany, and I will destroy your sword, and their wives will drive into captivity, and beat their offspring, the children of Ishmael and go to the sword in captivity and in the involuntary oppression, and will give them to slaughter Lord anger them, As they sotvorisha Christians.  And find them sedmikratno evil, kill Bo and smite them by the hand of God of the Christian and the Christian kingdom will be over, all that the kingdom exalted.

Marian believes Thou some autocrat holy city of Jerusalem, and all the Turkish Caesar in his power to take his sword; midnight this autocrat, King and Grand Duke of Moscow, this heresy megametskuyu nasty and ungodly law of Istria, and consume and destroy until the end. “

Elder Paisios of Mount Athos said: “Greece would not play a primary role in the war, but it will give Constantinople, not because they are in front of us fear the Russian, but because there is not a better solution, and agree together with Greece, where they will be press the difficult circumstances Greek army did not have time to come back to the city will be given to her. “

In the near future – so divinely wise elders believe Athos!  – Devouring flames of World War III will cover Europe and Asia, Hellas and Turkey, Russia and the Arab countries of the Middle East, Israel and America.

The vision of Daniel Monk “…  On the naughty voice Snead from heaven: “Come out of the country on the gums Sedmiholmogo, and ye shall find a man with dvoyu pillars standing, gray hair just, and prayer up were Nishcha, sharp eyes, minds, as meek, middle mile and a half, having to gum noze, in the midst of the shins sign.  Take hold of it and is crowned king – that is, you lord, my friend Bo Miy is and will do my works. “

And lifting up our two angels life-giving, and introduce it in the Hagia Sophia, and crowned him king, and give him a hand in the gums weapons glagolyasche him: be of good courage, and overcome its enemies.

AND PLAYBACK weapons from the Angel and hit Izmailty, and Ethiopia, and Phrygia, and Tatars, and every kind.  To Izmailty divide by three: the first part will win arms, the second sign of the cross, and the third is otzhenet with great fury to uterine return it … “

Venerable.  Anatoly (Potapov): “The fate of the King – the fate of Russia.  The king will be pleased – will rejoice and Russia …  King will not – there will be no Russian …  As a person with a severed head is not a man, and the stinking corpse, and Russia will be without the King stinking corpse. “

Prophet monk Abel, who predicted the Emperor Paul I of his murder, Alexander I – the ruin of the French in Moscow and predrekshy martyrdom Nicholas II, the predicted and the last Tsar.  His appearance did not cause any doubt or disagreement among people so that they will not argue: “Here the King, or is there”, but say, “There he is!”.  Abel left the Prophet and the indication of the name of the King – two of the ruler of that name sat on the Russian throne, but not on the throne of the kings.

In ancient Greek translation of the predictions of the last King says so at the end of his earthly journey, “When will be the son of perdition, the King shall ascend to Calvary, where the top of the tree of the Cross.  And will remove the crown of his head with his, vozlozhet the Cross and raise their hands to the sky and destroy the kingdom of God.  And shall ascend to the cross with crown of heaven.  And when shall ascend the Cross in the sky with a crown, then betray the spirit of their King.  And then destroyed all authority and seniority, and clothe son disastrous. “

Svsch.  Martyr.  Hermogenes: “There will be a sea of sand, that Gog and Magog.  They are secretly preparing the way the Antichrist.  They have one goal – to create an anti-Christian society, which then pass under the rule of the Antichrist.  It will give them positions of the rulers in a very short time – 3.5 years. “

Venerable.  Laurence of Chernigov, “Antichrist will come from the lascivious virgins – Jewish twelfth knee fornication.  Already a lad he is very capable and smart, especially since, when he was a boy of 12, while walking with his mother in the garden, will meet with Satan, who came out of the very deep, enter it.  Boy shudder with fear, and Satan will say, “Do not worry, I’ll help you.”  And this boy will mature in the likeness of men Antichrist. “

Neal St. Athos “…  Born he (Antichrist) from a virgin maiden evil and immorality, ie  from the evil whore, though the outer grounds and virgin.  Her evil incarnate (IE, the Antichrist will be born) is married without any seed.  She, with the seed is born, but not with the scattering of men, and with the seed poured out incarnate. “

Venerable.  Laurence of Chernigov, “Antichrist will be crowned as the king of the magnificent temple in Jerusalem with the participation of the clergy and the patriarch.  At his coronation, when you read “faith”, he will not give him the right to read, where the words “Jesus Christ,” the Son of God, “and he denies this and recognizes only himself.  And while Patriarch exclaim: “This – the Antichrist!” – And it will be put to death for the Patriarch.

At the coronation of the Antichrist will be wearing gloves, and when will they take to cross himself, the patriarch will notice that it is not the nails on the fingers and claws, and this will serve to more believing that this is the antichrist …  And for that transgression land ceases to give birth dearth of the whole crack, give such slots that people can fall into them. “

Venerable.  Ephrem the Syrian says, “For such a method used the torturer that everyone will have to wear the mark of the beast, and in this case, only it will be possible to buy their eatables and all things, and put guards carry out his commands.  Note, my brethren, excessive evil designs of the beast and his cunning tricks, how he begins with the womb, so that the person will be given when the extreme lack of food, was forced to take his prints, that is  zlochestivye the mark, not on any member of the body, but on the right hand and on his forehead, so that the man was no longer possible with his right hand print sign of the cross on the forehead and also naznamenovat or the holy name of the Lord glorious and precious cross of Christ and Savior.  For who would not be imprinted mark of the beast, that is not captive, and his dreamy signs.  Yea, and the Lord does not deviate from those, but educates and draws them to himself. “

1948 Abbess Dominitskaya with two kelejnitsy (1923 born.) Went to st.  Laurence of Chernigov on tea, and at dinner he said, “We are with you, my dear, do not live to see the Antichrist, and these (indicated nieces) will survive.”

And all the weak people will follow Satan, and when the land will not yield, people come to him with a request for bread, and he will say, “The earth does not bear grain.  I can not do anything. “

Will descend from heaven prophets Enoch and Elijah, who will also be telling everyone that came Antichrist: “This is the antichrist, do not believe him.”  And he shall slay the prophets, but they are resurrected and ascend to heaven. “

St..  John Chrysostom: “The Antichrist will come to destroy humanity to inflict hurt people.  It will be terrible in every way: and his power, and violence, and unlawful commandments.  And then Elijah will come to support the believers … “

Venerable.  Ephrem the Syrian: “In the performance of a three and a half years, the authorities and action will be fulfilled when the unclean and the temptations of all the earth, the Lord will come at last, like lightning from heaven glittering, coming of the Holy, Fairest, terrible, glorious our God with unparalleled glory in the preceding his Glory Arkhangelsk and the Angelic ranks: “Arise, pochivshie, lo, the Bridegroom came!” unstopped coffins and in an instant all the tribes of the earth shall awake, and looking up to the holy lepota Groom …  tormentor with his demons, angels, associated, as well as all print hast taken him all the wicked and sinners will be connected and brought before the tribunal.  And the King will give them a sentence of eternal damnation, into the unquenchable fire.  Yet, not anti-Christian, and hast taken to print all hiding in caves, the Bridegroom bezpredelnye rejoice evermore. “

“And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition” (Revelation 17:11).  “The eighth, and is of the seven” means that the worldwide kingdom (eighth) will be formed on the basis of the European Union (the seventh).  It will be of the seven before it existed, and at the same time by the new – eighth.  A St. Andrew of Caesarea writes: “The beast is the Antichrist, also an eighth, because after seven kingdoms rise to seduction and devastation of the earth from the seven, he, as appeared from one of these kingdoms.”

“And the ten horns he had” (Daniel 7:7).  Antichrist will turn up among the “ten kings”, their power will be short, for it is said that they – “kings one hour,” and then they will deliver the power and the kingdom of the Antichrist (Revelation 17:13).  The Jew of the tribe of Dan, born in New Babylon – the United States, he will be among the “ten kings” will unite under his rule the world and will be crowned as the king of Jerusalem in the universe.

Prophecy on the tomb of St. Emperor Constantine the Great.  After the death of St. Emperor Constantine I the Great Greek in 337g., His son reigned in his name, too, Constantine.  He suffered from a parent body of Nicodemus in Constantinople and his cellar with honor befitting a royal personage, in the church of the Holy Apostles.  At the time when the body of Constantine was brought to Constantinople, then there were some godly men, who on the roof of his coffin inscribed in Greek letters, prophesying the future of the Turkish and the destruction of the kingdom.  But in order to cover up until the time of the meaning of the scriptures, they are words, omitting vowels, consonants only supplied.  This inscription has long seemed incomprehensible, but later, during the reign of John Palaeologus, the wise old man Gennady, Patriarch of Constantinople, interpreted the meaning of the prophecies thereof, added to the consonants of the missing vowels.

On the day of the last judgment and the end of the world will come – the end of the world.  The present heavens and the earth, like a garment, wear out and …  changed.  (Ps. 101.27).  Change or update, the world will consist in the fact that in the new heaven and the new earth there will be nothing of sin, and to live one’s true.  (2 Pet. 2:13).  General court also end in the kingdom of grace (grace kingdom of Christ) and open the Kingdom of Glory – the eternal kingdom of God.  (1 Cor. 15.24).  The image of the universal judgment is inscribed in God’s Word.  It tells us that when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and the holy angels with Him, then He will sit on his glorious throne.  (Mt 21,31), and will send his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the (24,31), and they will gather from his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity (13.41 ), and sever the wicked from among the just (13.49).

And separate them one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats: And he shall set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats – to the left (Matthew 25,32-33), and pronounces sentence both.  Then the King will say to those on His right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world …

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